HNB partners with Bileeta to offer tech support to SMEs

Sri Lanka’s premier private sector bank HNB PLC renewed its partnership with Bileeta Ltd., a dominant player in the local ERP space, to provide state-of-the-art ERP solutions to its SME customers at affordable rates.

The exclusive collaboration between the two pioneers enables the Bank’s SME customers to streamline various functions of their business operations, such as sales and invoicing, inventory management, finance, procurement, service management, fixed asset management and manufacturing, and thereby practice efficiency and effective management in the long run. The MoU was signed at HNB Towers in the presence of HNB Deputy General Manager,Retail& SME Banking , Sanjay Wijemanne  and Bileeta Chief Executive Officer, Sanji De Silva to officiate the collaboration.

Commenting on the partnership, HNB Deputy General Manager-Retail & SME Banking , Sanjay Wijemanne  said: “Technology is an essential and often under-rated tool that can build and enhance organisations and even world economies. Companies can develop and expand internally and externally with the proper knowledge, relevant expertise, and strategies, unlocking their highest potential in revenue and business scale.

“With this in mind, we partnered with Bileeta, leaders in the ERP scope, to provide much-needed support in terms of knowledge and application of ERP systems to the SMEs of the country. As key pillars of the economy, SMEs need our support now more than ever. Every little effort counts. We believe that our partnership with Bileeta comes as a tech-enabled support system for businesses struggling with cost management in a financially tight economy. We will continue to identify and implement such impactful initiatives going forward, which we hope will provide relief and reassurance to the SMEs that are at the grassroots of our nation’s prosperity.”

Accordingly, the collaboration ensures that HNB and Bileeta will work together to market, introduce and provide proper functions of the ERP platform, which is named ‘ENTUTION ERP Solution’.

The partnership also enables HNB’s customers to obtain the solution at a discounted rate, excluding training and onboarding charges. The Bank will also work with Bileeta to communicate and identify potential SMEs to introduce the solutions to all regions and thereby aim to uplift the standards of SMEs.

“We have seen Technology bring about rapid and revolutionary growth in organisations. We are truly honoured to partner with HNB to bring about such an impactful move in the SME community. SMEs need our support now more than ever, and we are humbled to extend our expertise in ERP solutions as a helping hand. Together with HNB, we will now be able to assist SMEs to continue their operations seamlessly, bring about income and profit, and strengthen our economy as a whole. We thank HNB for giving us this opportunity to give back to a community that has given us all,” Bileeta Chief Executive Officer, Sanji De Silva shared.

For further information please contact HNB Nethmini on 0112661771 and BileetaNerushan on 077439960.

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