Quickee.lk relaunched with new outlook and unparalleled suite of services

Quickee.lk, Sri Lanka’s favorite digital marketplace that is integrated with its own delivery fulfilment service has been extensively rebranded and reinvented. Along with a new superior suite of offerings that signify the new and improved brand promise and service commitment, Quickee’s freshly designed logo features a Cheetah; the fastest animal on land.

The new Quickee.lk embodies how it executes its powerful “Convenience Delivered” brand promise to any household in the country by pulling off top delivery speeds even during after-hours and late nights. This is secured by the realization that today’s customers seek greater convenience and savings in costs as well as time.

The reason that Quickee.lk can claim such unmatched delivery power is that it’s the sole online marketplace in Sri Lanka equipped with its own delivery fleet. This bestows unmatched advantage of gaining downstream supply chain integration not seen with other domestic online marketplaces.

It also means that the products will be handled with the utmost care and security. Bundled with this comprehensive overhaul of Quickee.lk is the extensive array of products and services that satisfies all types of needs and cravings, ranging from a refrigerator to even a spicy “Koththu” delivery.

The reinvented Quickee has significantly expanded its product catalogue offered through its online lifestyle store Quickee.lk. The offerings range from pharmaceuticals, home appliances, electronics, automobiles, cakes and flowers, baby items, toys to food delivery and more. By providing a striking and seamless interface to the local vendors through a digital platform, Quickee.lk strives to stand by Sri Lankans as a home-grown online marketplace.  Quickee.lk aims to be the first and last ‘choice’ of the Sri Lankan consumers of all types who choose the power of online shopping.

In its transformation to a true One Stop Shop solution, Quickee.lk is also launching a ground-breaking, new suite of delivery services complementing its vast product catalogue. This transforms Quickee’s delivery options and methods to be unparalleled to any other online delivery service operating in Sri Lanka today. Among such ground-breaking, unparalleled suite of services are the Quickee Concierge, Late Night Dining, Gifting, Quickee SOS, print solutions, pharmaceutical items, automobile parts and on demand deliveries island wide.

Sammy Akbar, Chief Executive Officer of Quickee.lk, elaborates: “We are committed to our “Convenience Delivered” promise and desire to become the “One Stop Shop” brand that serves every Sri Lankan with a personal touch. 

The new suite of delivery modes that we are offering caters to various situations that Sri Lankans face on a day-to-day basis. The Quickee Concierge is a novel delivery service in Sri Lanka targeted at the busy working parent or individual who must balance many things during the day.

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