Hemas Hospitals extends free mobile lab services to facilitate diagnostics for patients amid crisis

In a concerted effort to mitigate the impact of the country’s challenging environment on patients, leading private hospital chain Hemas Hospitals continues to offerpatients itsmobile laboratory servicesfree of charge, waiving off all transport and logistic charges that usually apply.

The timely initiative will enable patients to safely dispense samples to test for a vast portfolio of medical conditions, for the same affordable prices they have to pay when visiting a lab.

The move, operated by Hemas Labs, is intended to put high quality diagnostics within the reach of Sri Lankan patients amidst an economic crisis that has crippled transportation systems due to a lack of fuel.

“Laboratory testing is a crucial part in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of patients. However, with the stifling economic crises affecting the daily lives of all Sri Lankans, many patients are greatly challenged and hesitant in making a visit to a laboratory to get these vital diagnostic tests donedue to the severe lack of essentials such as fuel in the country today. Therefore, it is for the benefit of these patients, that Hemas Labs is bringing our mobile lab services right to patient doorsteps at affordable rates that are completely free of any transport costs. Our highly skilled and professional team of phlebotomists are fully geared and trained to handle patients of all ages and health levels in any remote setting,” remarked Dr. Dhushyanthan Subramaniam, General Manager Hemas Hospitals Laboratory Services.

All reports generated after sample testing are delivered digitally through the Hemas Labs online portal, enabling patients to maintain all their health records on one easily accessible platform, which allows both themselves and their healthcare providers to monitor their wellbeing trends for more accurate diagnostics. For all those who require physical lab reports, Hemas Labs operates an efficient chain of couriers capable of delivering these reports direct to patient homes upon request, at no extra cost to enhance convenience. Patients can make their payments using direct cash payments, card payments or online transfers.

Appointments for the HemasMobile Lab can be made by calling 0766553030, a day prior to the requirement. Special priority will also be given to those with medical emergencies such as dengue.

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