Alumex commemorates a decade of support for visually impaired Sri Lankans

Alumex, Sri Lanka’s leading fully integrated aluminium profiles manufacturer, and member of the Hayleys Group, recently commemorated a ten year legacy of focused support and assistance for Sri Lanka’s visually impaired community.

Commencing from 2012, Alumex has empowered visually impaired individuals with steady, rewarding, meaningful jobs manufacturing aluminium white canes. In that time, Alumex has also donated more than 30,000 white canes, with each cane assembled by visually impaired workers, while the manufacturing cost was borne completely by Alumex.

“Working with the visually impaired community over the past decade has been a deeply rewarding and inspiring experience for our entire team. Since we commenced this initiative, we have had the privilege of seeing this small and vital enterprise grow, and create new opportunities for visually impaired Sri Lankans.

“The pandemic has affected the community very adversely, as social distancing has further limited their interactions with the general public and other individuals as well as employment opportunities. As such, over the past years, we doubled down on our efforts to roll out new campaigns to raise awareness while enhancing our existing initiatives to support the community further,” Alumex Managing Director PramulDediwela said.

Alumex has also rolled out social initiatives on behalf of the community, such as the ‘Invite Light for Sight’ campaign to promote eye donations. The campaign aims to create awareness of the importance of eye donations for the visually impaired. The project is an extension of the Alumex White Cane Donation project, which has the company’s workforce assembling and distributing white canes.

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