Seylan Bank launches ‘Seylan Accelerate’ to fast-track aspiring lifestyles

Seylan Bank, the Bank with a Heart, launched ‘Seylan Accelerate,’ a new age product with a distinct bundle of features, tailored to support those who aspire to uplift their lifestyle.

Seylan Bank’s goal is to establish a platform assisting their financial requirements while providing a variety of inspiring opportunities that enable them to accelerate into the future.

According to the results of a recent research conducted by Seylan Bank, a market gap was identified in relation to the financial demands of an upwardly mobileaudience, who have been forced to reconsider their lifestyles based on the evolving effects of the pandemic.

As a result, the Bank with a Heart made an effort to invent a product to empower these consumers; in order to advance their careers, education, and overall lifestyles. ‘Seylan Accelerate’ provides facilities to those with fixed salaries, allowances, and additional income,in both the private and government sector.

Commenting on the initiative, Dimuth Sigera, Assistant General Manager, Branches at Seylan Bank said: “We are delighted to bring ‘Seylan Accelerate’ to our new and existingcustomerswith an aspirig lifestyle. The new ‘Seylan Accelerate’ will meet their requirements foreducation, career,recreation and a ‘data-driven’ lifestyle. No matter where they come from, we as a financial provider want to support those who strive to achieve their dreams. Meeting their financial needsis of highest importance for us, and we understand it will assist them to reach their objectives.We have brought on board many brands catering to this category, so that ‘Seylan Accelerate’ cangive them the best opportunities in utilising their hard-earned money.We hope to expand partnerships with even more brands to create convenience in ourcustomers’ lives.”.

‘Seylan Accelerate’ account holders will receive a debit card, which will provide exclusive discounts, convenient payment methods, and incentives for higher education institutes, sports equipment, clothes and lifestyle retailers, and eateries. Leading brands and institutions such as American National College, Business Management School, Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing,Fashion Bug, Hameedia, Dialog, Singer, Power World, Fitness First are among these.

In addition, withdrawal fees for Accelerate debit cards are waived off for a minimum of two withdrawals at all Seylan Bank and other bank ATMs, while withdrawals through Accelerate Plus, Prime and Premier cards are completely free on Seylan Bank ATMs.

With different membership categories of Premier, Prime, Plus and Entry, Seylan Accelerate further opens up special offers and cash rewards of up to Rs.200,000/- on milestone birthdays, wedding, 10th and 25th anniversaries, birth of children and many more events and moments of significance in their lives.

“SeylanBank has always been atthe fore front in creating opportunities for our consumers. We believe that everyone requires some form of guidance to achieve their objectives, and we want to be that guiding light in the lives of this community, in creating achievers for the country. ‘Seylan Accelerate’ is a product that can supply these needs. The facility caters to aspiring earnerswho are habitually online, on ever growing social media and digital platforms. These professionals have bigger expectations and a greater desire for their future; it is our responsibility to assist them in growing”, added Gamika De Silva, Assistant General Manager – Marketing and Sales, Seylan.

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