Seylan Bank Partners with the Department of Pensions

Seylan Bank, the Bank with a Heart, partnered with the Department of Pensions to enable the issuance of the Life Certificate to pension holders via biometric authentication.

The Life Certificate is an important document that is used to verify a pensioner’s living status. The machine will utilize the pensioner’s fingerprint to issue the Life Certificate, making the process simple, efficient and easily accessible for all pensioners.

In the past, all pensioners mailed applications for the Pensioner Life Certificate during a specific time period of the year. Seylan Bank has now incorporated the latest technological enhancements from the Department of Pensions in order to issue Life Certificates at 75 branches.This hassle-free method eliminates the need to wait in queues and aidsthe protection of senior citizens, especially with the ongoing pandemic.

Commenting on the initiative, A.Jagath D. Dias, Director General, Department of Pensions said: “As the Department of Pensions, we believe it is our responsibility to look after the well-being of retirees. They are members of society who have rendered outstanding service to the country. As a result, it is our responsibility to ensure their comfort across all processes.It gives me great pleasure to work with Seylan Bank PLC to provide biometric authentication to allretirees. The facility will assist in obtaining the life certification more quickly. We would like to thank and congratulate Seylan Bank PLC for their assistance in enhancing this process for us.”

Kapila Ariyaratne, Director/Chief Executive Officer, Seylan Bank stated, “Seylan Bank takes pride in enabling the biometric authentication for issuing Life Certificates to all pensioners in Sri Lanka. As this mandatory document must be submitted annually by the retirees, we strongly believe that it has to be facilitated with zero hassle. The partnership with the Department of Pensions has given us the opportunity to serve this mandate and eliminate the hassle from the process of submitting the Life Certificate. As the Bank with a Heart,we have always focused on enriching the lives of our customers and offering solutions to simplify their day-to-day activities. We are glad to join the department of Pensions to offer our retirees the benefit of this new process.”

Seylan Bank truly appreciates the important role of the senior citizens in our society and is committed to support their financial freedom and stability. The Bank has many savings product offerings which is available for retirees and Seylan Harasara for Senior Citizens, is more than just a savings account as it is a value proposition designed to offer financial freedom.

Seylan Bank invites all senior citizens to become a part of the Seylan Harasara family, to spend one’s retirement with financial freedom and peace of mind, while experiencing exceptionalbenefits and personalized services.  For more information on the facility, please visit the nearest Seylan Bank branch or visit

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