Baurs bid farewell to its 80-year-old Swiss elevator

We often do not think about the significance of an elevator at our workplace except that it provides us with ease and mobility in our day-to-day lives. But when looking back at its story over the many years or decades, we realize the pleasant greetings, invaluable conversations, and new friendships that were made in what we thought was a compact, trivial place.

Sharing a deep emotional connection with elevators is Baurs, one of the leading diversified business groups in the country as it recently bid farewell to its elevator that has been a part of its family for a stunning 80 years.

Mr Shayne Pietersz, the General Manager of Purchasing & Admin took a last ride together with MrAnomal de Soysa, Jt. Managing Director of Trade Promoters Limited, representatives of Swiss elevator brand Schindler in Sri Lanka for 33 years. A brand-new replacement Schindler elevator was inaugurated at the auspicious time clocking in at 10.18AM on Monday 31st January 2022.

MrPietersz, fondly called as the ‘elevator whisperer’ has been taking care of the elevator for the last 24 years. And as Baurs bid farewell to its elevator, it is sheer coincidence that MrPietersz also expressed his retirement from the company by end-February. The strong bond between the two goes without saying.

Baurs was the first Schindler customer in 1941 when Sri Lanka went by the name Ceylon, and it is believed that this is the oldest Schindler elevator on the island. After 80 years of good service, the elevator could undoubtedly go for another 80 years, but sadly its spare parts for maintenance have been discontinued. Baurs has been running the elevator fully functional in near perfect condition for 80 years.

The long-standing relationship between Baurs and Schindler, the Swiss multinational company moving more than one and a half billion people a day, goes a long way. Both are deeply rooted in its Swiss traditions and values. The new Schindler elevator, equipped with the latest technologies and safety features designed for optimum mobility, also hints the new outlook Baurs is gearing up for, as it celebrates 125 years of revolutionary growth and progress through its values namely Trust, Reliability, Quality, and Innovation being at the heart of everything it does.

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