Global Solutions launches its beverage brand – Dlight

Global Solutions, an event management company based in Akkaraipattu, has launched Dlight – its range of fresh fruit juices, cordials and beverages.What started outas the ultimate service provider for various types ofevents has now diversified its portfolio of offerings to include a delicious range of food and beverages.

Founder of Global Solutions Uwais Mohamed Thilshan states: “Global Solutions is driven by the motto – ‘Make Your Event Memorable’. We have been offering an array of services ranging from venue management to lights, sounds and logistics, and recently expanded our offerings to include catering services as well –providing snacks and beverages at all our events. However, we wanted to go a step further and offer healthy and fresh products at all our special occasions. This led us to launch our brand called Dlight which has been a stepping stone for all of us and a venture we look forward to expanding.”

Global Solutions provides all-inclusive event services that cater to individuals, groups and small businesses as well. It integrates into its service various vendors such as photographers, audio-visual providers, caterers and the like. With a dedicated vision to flourish in the region’s event management and food processing industry, Global Solutions has provided employment and acted as a source of income to many.

Thilshan further states: “We have always wanted Dlight to disrupt the industry by providing healthy and tasty food and beverages to our customers. And we are ecstatic to announce that we have launched our first Mango Nectar, Mixed Fruit Nectar,Lime and Lemon drink, Aloe Vera drink, and Iced Coffee bottles to the market.”

Dlight has now built itself a loyal and growing customer base of its own. The returning customers prefer Dlight for its fruit-based nectar, organic nature and competitive pricing. Mango Nectar and Mixed Fruit Nectar, which areespeciallypopular during the scorching summer,are availablein 200ml, 500ml and 1 Litre bottles in the Eastern and Northern Provinces.

Thilshanand histeam look forward to adding Wood Apple Juice to the Dlight portfolio. In addition, Global Solutions also plans on producing Dlight Jams, Dlight Cordials and Dlight Organic Drinks in the near future.

Global Solutions is supported both technically and financially through HackaDev –the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Sri Lanka’s flagship youth and innovation programme, which empowers Sri Lanka’s youth to be more innovative and entrepreneurial and take leadership in solving the most pressing development challenges in a sustainable manner, by providing them with opportunities and the necessary next-generation skills.

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