Janatha Steels gears up for a new chapter

Continuing its legacy of 35 years in the Sri Lankan hardware industry, Janatha Steels is stepping into a new phase of growth, bringing in a number of new initiatives to elevate the stakeholder experience.

The company notably looks to further expand and diversify its operations, as the next generation of Janatha Steels leadership enters the business with the aim of scaling growth and innovation.

Established in 1986 as a distributor of steel tools, hardware, and equipment, Janatha Steels has created a solid track record over the years to become one of the most reputed hardware merchants in the country, offering a comprehensive product range from stainless steel rods and hand tools to safety gear to marine equipment.

 In addition to this, from 2018 to date, Janatha Steels has diversified into various fields such as construction, stationery, agriculture, pharmaceutical equipment, and automobiles. Today, the company provides direct employment to over 700 individuals and indirect employment to thousands across the country.

One thing that continues unchanged for Janatha Steels is its set of core values of trust, integrity, and quality,which have persisted during times of peace and war. This has helped the company and its employees grow from strength to strength and deliver on their promise of offering the highest-quality products,including importing the best in the world from countries like India, China, Pakistan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Ukraine, Turkey, Dubai, and Indonesia.

Leveraging this wealth of experience gained in over three decades, Janatha Steels took the bold shift to renew its brand story in line with its 35th anniversary. This initiative placed the company as the second largest online steel supplier within a short span of six months. This new brand identity represents the “shift of time”, “power of steel”, and “emphasis on people”.

The past few years, though, have been particularly challenging due to a number of uncontrollable conditions such as the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the fall of global economies, rising inflation, and import restrictions, also resulting in the steel and construction industries plummeting to new lows. But Janatha Steels is committed to brave it out to ensure consistent supply to the local market.

Going forward, the company believes that the infusion of new blood into the Janatha Steels’ structure and procedures will amplify its efforts to become the largest supplier in the hardware industry in Sri Lanka.

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