Kitchen & Bedroom declares open high-tech furniture manufacturing facility

Kitchen & Bedroom, a name with a distinctive reputation in designing elegant and functional furniture complementing today’s contemporary kitchenette and bedroom spaces, recently declared open its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Colombo, fully equipped with high-tech specs and machinery from Germany and Spain.

Whilst continuing to strengthen and expand its operations across the country, the new facility will significantly focus on key export markets with the view of taking Sri Lanka’s world-class capabilities in this sector to the global stage. This is steppingstone for many others to follow and collaborate and will also bring in much needed foreign exchange.

The facility can produce a wide range of Blueberry branded modular furniture which are functional, stylish, and comfy that lets one create the exact configurations they are looking for. It provides one with endless choices and possibilities; the meticulously designed individual pieces made from Blueberry boards can seamlessly be switched or configured to fit into one’s space and needs.

Kitchen & Bedroom will soon be introducing all Blueberry accessories for one’s kitchen as well as wardrobe, including a variety of other knock down furniture and fittings, in line with today’s evolving consumer preferences to be able to easily assemble and disassemble using very basic tools. Its existing portfolio now also includes various custom-made lighting solutions such as sensor light, shoe rack lights, kitchen lights, and mood lights.

Dr. Mohammed RushmiSacquaff will now be the Group CEO of Kitchen & Bedroom, followed by its newly appointed directors Mohamed Umar Ramzi as CEO and Mohamed Amjad as Managing Director. Dr. Sacquaff and Director ZuharaRushmi, both of whom were recently recognized as Best CEO of the Year and Young Business Women of the Year respectively, will continue to be fully involved on the entire designing spectrum in addition to overlooking the operations.

With the enhanced capacity, Kitchen & Bedroom is well positioned to deliver a respective project within a week or two. The talented interior design professionals will visit, consult, and guide customers in how best to bring out their desired furniture, combining both functionality and beauty that fulfills their heart’s content, all whilst being able to optimize and minimize the costs involved in manufacturing them including complimentary 2D and 3D designs.

The new manufacturing facility is also built keeping in mind the importance of mitigating environmental impact. In addition to its exports, it will also boost the availability of locally manufactured high quality wood replacement furniture with the country’s measures in reducing imported furniture products. Further it will provide job opportunities for skilled labor and be a gamechanger in manufacturing designer furniture.

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