ComBank’s automated machine network dispensed Rs 91.8 bn. in December and Rs 848.4 bn. in 2021

The automated cash dispensing network of the Commercial Bank of Ceylonwhich comprises of ATMs and Cash Recycler Machines (CRMs) dispensed a mammoth Rs 91.872 billion in December, as Sri Lankans celebrated the festive season and prepared for 2022.

On 31st December, the network dispensed Rs 4.234 billion, a single-day figure surpassed only by the disbursements of 9th and 10th April 2021, Sri Lanka’s benchmark private sector bank reported. On 16 days in December, the network dispensed more than Rs 3 billion per day, with the highest single-day disbursements recorded on 31st December, 10th December and 24th December.

Emphatically demonstrating the indispensable role it plays in the lives of Sri Lankans as well as the reliability and robustness of the network, Commercial Bank’s ATMs and CRMs dispensed a total of Rs 848.427 billion in 2021 at a monthly average of Rs 70.7 million, the Bank said.

Comprising of 625 ATMs and 275 CRMs, the Commercial Bank’s automated cash dispensing network processed 5.3 million transactions in December2021 at an average of 170,933 transactions per day, or 7,122 transactions per hour.On24th December, the number of transactions processed totalled 241,427,the highest single-day figure for 2021.

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