Spreading the Christmas Cheer – A Magical Christmas with Daraz Cares

With Christmas nearly upon us, it is time to embrace the holiday spirit. A time for giving, a time for joy, a time for kindness and so much more… Christmas is a time for spreading just a little bit of magic and Daraz Cares has done just that! 

This season, Daraz Cares, in collaboration with Child Action Lanka, conducted a Christmas Drive in December spanning 8 locations island-wide. From Colombo to Kelaniya, Galle, Kandy, NuwaraEliya, Batticaloa,Kilinochchi and Asgiriya, Daraz Cares brought that sprinkle of magic straight to the doorsteps of over a thousand children between the ages of 3 and 18.

1009 children from diverse and vulnerable backgrounds, many of whom lacked safe housing, sanitation, access to nutrition or education were uplifted through Daraz Cares. With schools once again reopening after close to two years, Daraz Cares partnered with BATA to provide school shoes for all these children. Education is one of the fundamental stepping-stones in any child’s life and shoes are a key aspect of any school uniform. By assisting these children through the donation of the school shoes, Daraz hopes to reduce the obstacles that prevent children from having access to education as children re-transition from online learning back to physical, in-person learning.

“Daraz Cares has continuously strived towards supporting charitable organizations in their efforts to uplift the living standards of those in Sri Lanka. During this holiday season, it is important to look out for the people and most importantly, the children of Sri Lanka. By facilitating access to school supplies and essentials such as school shoes, we hope to pave the way for a better and more educated future for the children of our country. Through this campaign we aim to spread the magic of Christmas and truly enrich the lives of as many children as possible,” stated Cassandra Van-Heer – Team Lead – Daraz Cares and Social Impact.

Daraz Cares, the social impact arm of Daraz, is Sri Lanka’s first online multi-charity donation platform. It connects thousands of customers to charities that help those in need. Through its activities, via standalone initiatives and partnerships with charity organizations, Daraz has positively impacted the lives of over 20,000 individuals. From infrastructure development to providing essential healthcare, food and other services, Daraz takes the necessary steps to assist vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka.

Understanding the importance of education, Daraz Cares has renewed its focus on encouraging and facilitating better access to education across the country. The Skill Up programme, which provides a free Corporate Certificate course to Daraz employees and its seller community, is one of the aforementioned initiatives. In addition, the School from Home Campaign that raised funds to assist LEADS Sri Lanka in making home-schooling accessible for children in Kilinochchi was made possible by Daraz Cares. Furthermore, by assisting in the renovations of a community centre in Thalpe to facilitate a safe learning environment for 50 children to pursue their education, Daraz Cares continuously proves its dedication to enriching the lives of children across the country.

Visit www.daraz.lk/charity_donation to help empower the children of our country this Christmas season.

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