SLUni Students group wins at Tech4Good at Huawei Seeds for the Future

Team ‘Futurecasters’ representing 10 university talents among the 18 young Sri Lankan university talents who recently took part at the Huawei Seeds for the Future became winners of the Tech4Good project in their class group among the student teams from Singapore, Brunei and Sri Lanka.

The team is also shortlisted to join the Global Tech4Good Competition organized by Huawei that is scheduled to be held in January, 2022. Tech4Goodproject also enabled students formed into teams to create solutions that would leverage technologies to address a social or economic issues affecting the global and each group worked with mentors to provide guidance on their projects.

Team ‘Futurecasters’ that included 10 young talents from University of Sri Jayawardenepura, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, National School of Business Management, Sri Lanka International Buddhist Campus and Horizon College of Business and Technology became the winners and the other team of 8 young talents from Sri Lanka Team UOC were from University of Colombo. A total of 18 young Sri Lankan university students from 6 different universities pursuing careers in fields of Information Communication Technology (ICT), computer science, software engineering and networking successfully completed and graduated from Huawei Seeds for the Future 2021 ICTprogramme.

Newly launched, Tech4Good Group Project is a part of Huawei’s global CSR programme – Seeds for the Future and gives the challenge to student participants to examine how to use technology to address the World’s or their society’s most pressing social, health and environmental issues, while encouraging university students to increase their social entrepreneurship ability, problem-solving capabilities, and leadership skills through team work with participants from many different countries across the world.

The winning team of students from Sri Lanka – ‘Futurecasters’ presented a technological solution in terms of an application to one of the key health issues that today’s modern ICT employees and workforce face globally – to address the challenge of maintaining people to keep the appropriate sitting posture while sitting for a long time in front of computers.

The 2021 Huawei Seeds for the Future program consisted of training via live-streamed sessions as well as pre-recorded courses accessible on Huawei’s online platform. In addition to the sessions, students had the opportunity to take a virtual tour of Huawei’s state-of-the-art Exhibition Halls and engaged in hands-on, practical exercises with ICT training in latest technologies. Further students were also able to interact with and learn from top industry experts on a wide range of topics, from ICT Advanced Cloud Computing, 5G, IOT Technologies, Smart Homes, Smart Cities and to the Evolving Role of ICT in the Economy, Digital Transformation, Strategic Leadership, Personal Effectiveness and Cultural Awareness.

The graduation ceremony of Huawei Seeds for the Future took place on Monday, 13th December 2021 and was held online with the representation of Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the People’s Republic of China Dr. PalithaKohonna, Secretary to the Ministry of Education Prof. Kapila Perera Secretary Minister of Education and Huawei officials. The Graduation ceremony also showcased students’ talents including a performance of a Cultural Song.

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