Hambantota International Port first Sri Lankan Port to receive ISO Integrated Management System Standards

Hambantota International Port (HIP) was the recipient of ISO Integrated Management System standards for its quality, environmental consciousness and health and safety.  

This was an initiative, which supported cross-functional project commitment of all staff who are focused on the port’s “Quality and Consistency” values. The ISO Integrated Management system will enhance performance driving everyone from bottom to top levels for better quality, environmental consciousness and health and safety standards and practice. HIP is the first Sri Lankan Port to receive this certification.

The accreditations received were ISO 9001:2015 for Quality, ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental protection and ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health and Safety, all of which are a pioneering achievement for the region in terms of the port/terminal industry. In line with the IMS certification process, the port successfully faced the stage-2 external audit from the 5th to 16th July 2021, conducted by Bureau Veritas Lanka (Private) Limited. 

“The Hambantota International Port Group (Private) Limited. (HIPG) and Hambantota International Port Services Company (Private) Limited. (HIPS) are committed to providing and maintaining the highest quality standards in all our services by applying the best international practices in all aspects of our operations. As a responsible corporate citizen, we ensure the safety and security of our people and maintain a sustainable environment, while creating a favorable work environment for all our colleagues and partners operating within the port premises and immediate port vicinity. Emphasis is placed on ensuring human health, operational safety, environmental protection, quality enhancement and community goodwill. This commitment is in the best interest of all our stakeholders,” says Tissa Wickremasinghe, COO, HIPG.

The accreditation process was launched in January 2021, under guidance and approval from the Executive Committee of HIP, who considered HIP ready. An ISO Quality circle was formed consisting of representatives from all departments. Nexus Business Solutions, the local consultant, provided the introduction, guided and assisted the port team, via training and process management throughout the process of certification.

Captain Ravi Jayawickrame- CEO HIPS and Chief Officer- Security, Marine Services and Fleet Management HIPG says the accreditation not only confirms the high standards maintained by HIP but has also helped improve control over the business. It will prevent specific problems from recurring and also support risk management by identifying weaknesses and threats and converting them into strengths and opportunities.  “Another benefit is that it will boost marketing and sales efforts and enhance and improve employee performance.  The satisfaction of our customers is a priority and this accreditation will help us maintain it in all respects by supplying high-quality services on time in compliance with relevant standards. It also reinforces our commitment to protect the environment and maintain sustainability and to protect the workplace which will prevent work related injury &ill-health and provides further incentive to continually improve our working conditions. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations in the provision of goods and services.” 

A QHSE (Quality, Health & Safety and Environment) policy was the first step of the process followed by an Integrated Management System (IMS) Manual that describes all quality aspects of the standardization process.  Continuous monitoring and development is carried out from then on and the ISO quality circle conducts planned internal audits and document revisions.  External audits are conducted by Bureau Veritas on an annual basis to ensure that the company is constantly evolving and developing in accordance with ISO standards.

This initiative was under the joint supervision of HIPG and HIPS, Captain Miyuru Gunasekara- General Manager HIPS and Jeevan Premasara – SGM HR and Administration jointly acknowledges that this accreditation is a collective team effort and an achievement for the entire organization, under the guidance of CEO of HIPG Johnson Liu, CEO of HIPS Captain Ravi Jayawickreme, all the Executive Management Committee (EXCO) members and all Heads of Departments.

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