Remotely Control Your AI Ecobubble™ Washing Machine Using the Samsung SmartThings App

We live in a fast-paced life and taking out time to do household chores like laundry can be hectic.  The AI Ecobubble™ washing machines from Samsung joins the club of connected devices and with the help of the Smart Things app, you can control your washing machine from anywhere at any time. It makes laundry a hassle-free job.

We list down the awesome things you can do with your washing machine with just a tap on the SmartThings App:

Get Notifications on Samsung Smart Devices
Forget lingering near your washing machine to listen for signals anymore. With the SmartThings app, your smartphone, Samsung Smart TV, or Family Hub refrigerator can alert you when the wash cycle is done, if the Smart Control status changes, or if any errors occur. You can also disable the notification from the settings under the menu section of the app.

Control Your Washing Machine with SmartThings App
With the SmartThings app, you can control your washing machine by selecting the cycle you want to run. You can also select additional options like temperature or spin speed from the app.

Choose the Right Cycle with SmartThings
With so many cycles and options, choosing the right washing cycle for your clothes can sometimes be tricky. But with the Laundry Recipe feature in the SmartThings app, figuring out the right cycle for your laundry becomes easy. Once you select the types, the colour and the soil level of the laundry you are washing, the Laundry Recipe feature will suggest tips, cycles, temperature, etc. for the optimum cleaning of your laundry.

Schedule Your Laundry with SmartThings
It is a busy day at work, and you don’t know when you’ll be returning home. But with the help of the Laundry Planner feature in the SmartThings app, you can schedule the end time of your laundry. As long as you shut the door, add detergent and hit Smart Control before you leave, you can use Laundry Planner to schedule your wash cycles from anywhere and at any time with the help of the SmartThings app.

Monitor Your Washing Machine with SmartThings
With the SmartThings app, you can check the status of the wash cycle in progress from anywhere. You’ll be able to see what type of cycle is running, any icons that are lit, and when it’s expected to complete, just as if you were standing right in front of your washing machine.

Price & Availability
The Samsung AI Eco Bubble Washing machine range is available at Softlogic, Singer, Singhagiri, Damro and Samsung e-Store at a starting price of Rs. 149,999.

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