Daraz delivers record-breaking 11.11, serving 14 million e-commerce shoppers

Daraz, South Asia’s leading e-commerce marketplace, delivered a record-breaking 11.11, with over 14 millione-commerce shoppersvisiting the platform across its five key markets – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar– participating in the largest global shopping day.

Almost USD10 million worth of products were sold in the first hour, up more than 150percent on last year’s sale.

Bjarke Mikkelsen, CEO and Founder of Daraz, said, “We are delighted with today’s results. Itunderlines the strength of our marketplace where customers trust the quality of products that they purchase on Daraz, and it illustrates how SMEs are able to unlock the online potential of their business.

“It has also been encouraging to continue seeing more users from both big and small cities across our five markets buying and selling a wide variety of products from our platform. This shows how e-commerce has become more accessible for everyone in the region.”

The first 11.11 order was delivered at 6.05am this morning and 250,000 items have already been shipped out to awaiting customers.

“For this year’s11.11 Sale,we really focused on delivering amore innovative and more personalized customer experience. While the sales numbers are important, I’m most pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback that we’ve received about the user experience,” said Mr Mikkelsen.

Following today’s successful main event, Daraz will bring the favorite 11.11 themes to its customers over the next 10 days –each day invitinge-commerce shoppers to focus on a theme and enjoy some of the best deals that they missed.

Rakhil Fernando, Managing Director of Daraz Sri Lanka, added, “Having introduced the 11.11. concept to Sri Lanka, we are extremely pleased with how shoppers have embraced the 11.11. Sale. We have been able to provide our customers an amazing shopping experience, while our sellers continue to benefit much more during this campaign period. The traffic on Daraz since the dawn of 11.11. has been astounding and keeps growing as we continue the event until the 17th November to give more users the opportunity to join the biggest sale.”

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