‘SRL’ 32 Years of Invaluable Service to the Research Industry

SRL (Survey Research Lanka) one of the more prestigious marketing and research consultancy agencies in Sri Lanka, is a fully independent organization that was established on the 28th of September 1989, thus celebrating 32 years in the industry this year.

As one of the pioneering research and consultancy companies in the country, SRL has had decades of experience designing and developing Market-related Information Systems, introducing various products for the first time to the Sri Lankan market over the last 32 years.

Data collection is an essential part of the research industry and with SRL at the forefront of research in Sri Lanka, they are consistently required to provide the highest quality of data and research. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the data collection process required minute attention to maintain the same level of quality and efficiency.

Therefore, SRL management invested in expanding the data collection function. As an integral part of that expansion plan, the company newly recruited a Chief Operating Officer (COO) and four regional managers to take close control and supervision of the data collection function. With this change, SRL stands stronger than ever before, to provide impactful knowledge to its clients with high-quality data at the right time.

When SRL started their journey in Sri Lanka, market research did not hold the value it has in today’s day and age. Throughout the years they have proved themselves and their business by introducing innovative options. Some of the main services introduced by SRL that are now considered integral parts of any marketing communication strategy are media monitoring, TV rating services, and tracking services. These services proved their usefulness even during the pandemic. Furthermore, SRL introduced new and tested data collection methods for qualitative as well as for quantitative research methods, which are considered fragile in situations such as the pandemic.

Chairman, Neel De Silva and CEO, Mihirani Dissanayake

Rather than cower in the face of unprecedented obstacles, the SRL team made great strides, especially over the last 2 years. Through their hard work, determination and perseverance, they achieved remarkable business growth nearly by 50% this year as well. SRL has become the most sought-after agency in commercial as well as development research arenas, in both local and global contexts.

Understanding the severity of the situation and the misfortunes of many around the country, SRL arranged religious activities and donations instead of large celebrations of milestones over the past 2 years. Some of these donations were made to the Cancer Hospital, temples and to the people in need.

The most significant and valuable resource of SRL is its people. The management of the company ensured that its employees were given adequate support throughout the pandemic. Those most adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic were sponsored with monetary aid as well as an additional monthly allowance for sanitation-related expenses was provided especially for the data collectors. This strong management coupled with the strength and resilience of the staff facilitated SRL to sail through the tumultuous waves of the pandemic. The company was able to continue its recruitment, staff promotions, salary increments, training and other activities with minimal disruption. 

Speaking at the occasion of the anniversary,Mihirani Dissanayake, CEO/Director of  SRL   stated, “While we were able to support our staff during these trying times, it must be acknowledged that none of this would have been possible without our loyal clients. A major strength for SRL has been our clients who have continuously chosen us as their partners for their business growth plans. In gratitude to these trusted partners and understanding that they too are currently undergoing severe hardships, SRL has conducted certain projects without fees. In doing so, we have further gained the trust of our clients, proving that we are with them for the long haul. Through the strength and determination of our staff, we have been able to conduct all the necessary resource preparation for the coming year – further cementing our identity as trusted research and data collection partners to all current and future clients.”

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