INSEE Cement Enhances Logistics Operations to Meet Local Demand

currently operating at 3.6 million ton maximum production and import capacity – has added two more shipping vessels to its import logistics operation, addressing the on-going product shortage in the local market.

As Sri Lanka’s only local cement manufacturer, INSEE has been responsibly and optimally navigating a scarce supply chain for a number of weeks due to the sudden drop of competitor cement imports to the country, owing to a depreciating Sri Lankan Rupee.

“INSEE Cement continues to operate at maximum production capacity to ensure the Sri Lankan construction industry remains on its path to a successful recovery,” stated Gustavo Navarro, Chief Executive Officer at INSEE Cement. “What the domestic market is experiencing is an artificial scarcity that was first created by importers refusing to release their stocks to the market. Unfortunately now, they are struggling to revive the interrupted supply chain due to cement exporters struggling to meet the demand in their own countries. Therefore today, even with the Government lifting controlled pricing, we have a shortage of cement imports to Sri Lanka. INSEE is once again stepping up to meet this challenge by introducing two more additional import vessels to our logistics operation.”

Apart from the two additional vessels, INSEE Cement is optimizing its express logistics, delivery channels and bulk carrier fleet to ensure uninterrupted market supply to their loyal customers as well as converting competitor customers who are now turning to INSEE Cement to meet their construction demands.

“We understand the Sri Lankan sentiment of loyalty for INSEE Cement products Sanstha & Mahaweli Marine Plus made right here at home, and that sentiment has proven to be insightful during this import crisis,” Jan Kunigk, Executive Vice President – Sales, Marketing & Innovation continued. “Exporting nations trade bulk and bag cement to Sri Lanka opportunistically, which is why our dependency on imported cement must be reduced. While addressing the current shortage of cement in the country at maximum production and import capacities, INSEE Cement is also looking at further increasing and optimizing  domestic production across both Puttalam and Galle plants. We have always delivered on our promise to customers, and will continue to do so by ensuring Sri Lanka soon overcomes this cement shortage.”

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