Delectable Dinner Packs Delivered to Your Doorstep by Ceylon Curry Club

Ceylon Curry Club, Sri Lanka’s contemporary food sensation, recently extended its free delivery services to serve customers their delectable range of dinner packs.

As the food-delivery ecosystem continues to expand, Ceylon Curry Club aims to satisfy the cravings of their hungry customers by expanding their service to provide customers with meal options throughout the day, allowing for a hassle-free experience.Filled with goodness, the Ceylon Curry Club dinner delights selection comes in 4 varieties of Kottu, all within the price range of Rs. 700 to Rs 950.

As Sri Lankan food is known for its explosion of flavour, the Kochchi Chicken Kottu, priced at Rs. 750 is sure to tantalise your taste buds. The dish features boneless chicken marinated in special kochchi seasoning accompanied with godamba roti kottu and paired with a fried egg.

Packed with a good mix of carbs, the Egg and Cheese Kottu, priced at Rs. 700 is made with baked egg gratin and cheese, served with godamba roti kottu and a fried egg.

Customers craving a seafood experience won’t be disappointed by the scrumptious Seafood String Hopper Kottu. Priced at Rs. 850, the dinner pack includes tempered calamari, prawn and tunafish (Kelawala) and is served alongside string hopper kottutopped off with a fried egg.

Ceylon Curry Club also offers a dish for all pork lovers. Exploding with flavour and Sri Lankan spice, the Pork PittuKottu is priced at Rs. 950 and includes a serving of red pork curry served with pittukottuaccompanied with a fried egg.

Apart from their main meals, Ceylon Curry Club also features 3 exciting dessert optionseach priced at Rs. 250, adding the perfect touch to complete any meal. The Jaggery Heavenis made with Sri Lanka’s finest Kithul Jaggery and coconut milk, a perfect option for those with a sweet tooth. The Sago Delightis a delightful toffee flavored butterscotch with soft sago pearls. Last but not least, the Creamy Baked Curd has curd and condensed milk which is baked to perfection and served with Kithul Treacle, a perfect combination for Sri Lanka’s traditional dessert.

Crafting up some phenomenal flavours, Ceylon Curry Club offers a palatable experience like no other. Specially curated to complement each Sri Lankan flavour and spice, each dinner pack offers customers a wholesome experience, including free delivery. Customers can call 077 339 3391 to place their order directly with the restaurant or order the dinner packs via Uber Eats and PickMe Foods between 5:30pm and 7:30pm.

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