SLT-MOBITEL Unleashes the Power of Fibre Technology with ‘Fibre for the Nation’

The world is connected digitally in more ways than ever before, and technology is everything. Nations and societies recognize the importance of keeping abreast with cutting-edge technology and high-speed connectivity as among the most essential components for growth; especially vital for an emerging digital economy to boost development, healthcare and education.

SLT-MOBITEL as the National ICT SolutionsProvider is helping to shape the future of our nation,empowering and improving the quality of life for all citizens. Unleashing the power of fibre technology, SLT-Mobitel Fibre is building fibre networks that are robust, with unmatched speed, offering users innovative services via multiple devices, and thus enhancing user experience with endless possibilities and unlimited opportunities.

Fibre at the speed of light

SLT-MOBITEL is revolutionizing connectivity across the country by unveiling significant enhancements to its fibre networks with ultra-high speed and lower latency navigating Sri Lanka’s digital transformation.

SLT-Mobitel Fibre aims at providing superior dependable data connectivity and driving the adoption of high-speed broadband in the country, enhancing customers’ experience while taking proactive steps to ensure futuristic global connectivity. SLT-Mobitel Fibre customers can now benefit from an unmatched data capacity and service reliabilitywith exciting and uninterrupted download speeds of up to 100 to 1000 Mbps.

SLT-MOBITEL has always innovated ahead of the curve, and now through SLT-Mobitel Fibre offers customers best-in-class broadband technology and experience. Sri Lankans will have access to high-speed networks that will change the way they live, work, learn and play.

The next great leap

With fibre technology now a significant component of the modern world, for most homes access to communication technologies is essential than it has ever been. Especially in today’s world, where the customer’s home has become the single place for both work life and personal life, the need for high-speed data, entertainment at home and for seamless connectivity is now one holistic requirement.Home networks are also expanding from simply providing information and entertainment services to supporting online education and telecommuting.

With the pandemic, Sri Lanka is witnessing an explosive growth in data usage due to higher data consumption from those working from home and also for online education.

SLT-Mobitel Fibre is another step in the company’s commitment to the nation, addressing the need for convenience and peace of mind from customers, as they navigate their lives in the new normal. As an ICT solutions provider SLT-MOBITEL is uniquely positioned through its national fibre backbone to deliver value-added-services digitally, assuring users of an exceptional experience offering a future ready network and digitally connected homes.

The game changer for multiple devices

Today’s homes are increasingly filled with a range of smart devices, each of which uses up bandwidth to connect to the internet. From smartphones, gaming systems and smart televisions to computers, tablets and even video doorbells, these devices need ample bandwidth to work well. Problems arise when a residence’s bandwidth is insufficient — especially when all of a home’s connected devices are working at once.

In this context, SLT-Mobitel Fibre is a game-changer. The ultra-high speed connections provide cutting-edge technologies – which opens up a host of new opportunities for customers. SLT-MOBITEL offers strong, reliable, superfast broadband that is ideal for high-definition video streaming, heavy file downloads and uploads in a multi-device environment.

With SLT-Mobitel Fibre,customers are assured of superior data connectivity, ability to access multiple devices with no lagging and unlimited endless entertainment with exciting speeds backed by unmatched service reliability.

Fibre provides an unforgettable Gaming Experience

SLT-MOBITEL recognizes that gaming is the next frontier of entertainment. The gaming experience itself has evolved to become more interactive, more social, and more real-time. Such an immersive experience requires a stable and robust data connection.

As SLT-MOBITEL aspires to support a digital nation, SLT-Mobitel Fibre’s recognized ultra-low latency, dedicated and reliable connectivity is ideally placed to unlock the potential of eSports and gaming in Sri Lanka.

Showcasing speeds of over 100Mbps and optimized packet routing paths, cyber athletes receive an unparalleled broadband experience.With SLT-Mobitel Fibre, gaming aficionados have access to the most state-of-the-art platform in the market which delivers the ultimate gaming experience.

Best-in-class entertainment

SLT-MOBITEL envisions building a world-class digital entertainment ecosystem and making it accessible to customers through innovative devices and exciting applications.

SLT-Mobitel Fibre delivers Ultra High Definition (UHD) quality streaming for gaming, music and video simultaneously connecting multiple devices unlocking a great and seamless experience for users of Netflix, APPLE TV, HULU, Spotify etc.

SLT-MOBITEL-PEOTV as the country’s premier entertainment platform is also designed to deliver the best-in-class entertainment experience to customersthrough unlimited high speed broadband connectivity.With SLT-Mobitel Fibre’s ultra-fast broadband speeds, PEOTV customers have access to UHD quality video, streaming and UHD picture quality to enjoy a truly immersive and extreme HD experience.

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