Softlogic Invest publishes its first annual report, records 37% Equity Fund returns since inception

Softlogic invest, one of the newest entrants into the unit trust industry sealed the completion of its first financial year with the launch of the company’s inaugural annual report, documenting the year ending in March 2021.

The Softlogic Equity Fund is one of the two funds launched by Softlogic Invest on 8th July, 2021 aims to provide growth by investing in the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE). According to the report, the Softlogic Equity Fund delivered a return of 17.37% after all fees, from its inception to the financial year that ended on the 31st March 2021. The portfolio continued to give favourable returns to its investors and at the end of August 2021, fund delivered 37.23% return on since inception basis.

“From inception, our strategy has been to concentrate portfolios into key‐value counters while maintaining an appropriate level of diversification. We are greatly honored by the trust our investors have placed in us which is evident by our rapidly increasing investor base. As we complete a little over year in operations, we are proud to be home to over 3,500 unitholders amoung our newly launched two unit trust funds,” remarked Softlogic Invest Chief Executive Officer Niloo Jayatilake.

By the end of March 2021, the Softlogic Equity Fund remained at Rs. 99 Mn and as at end August 2021,the fund size increased up to Rs. 130 Mn. Unlike most of the other unit trust funds, the Softlogic EquityFund does not charge any front‐end fees and allows unit holders to invest 100% of their investment inthe fund, without the deduction of any fees at the time of investment.

Softlogic Invest Chief Executive Officer Niloo Jayatilake and Softlogic Equity Fund Portfolio Manager Daham Hettiarachchi

“We are delighted to report these favorable numbers through our first ever annual report. Thechallenging year that has been 2021/22 have seen us primarily take position in financial,industrial, and material segments. While we don’t allocate funds solely using a top‐down level approach, we carefully select companies that come under these sectors for future valuecreation. With the success of the first year, the company is well‐placed to continue to deliver highquality,long‐term growth for all stakeholders,” Softlogic Equity Fund Portfolio ManagerDaham Hettiarachchi, CFA stated.

The Softlogic Equity Fund is an open‐ended Equity Fund that seeks to place undervalued equityinvestments through a well‐practiced and strategized fundamental analysis. The Softlogic Equity Fund isoperated by a highly skilled team of financial experts backed by a wealth of experience. Further, what’seven more exciting is how investors can easily commence their investment journey with a mere Rs. 5,000and the seamless online journey that Softlogic Invest introduced to Sri Lankans and in the process wentonto completely transform the country’s investment sphere.

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