Crysbro promises high-quality products through vertical integration process

Sri Lanka’s leading poultry producing giant Crysbroutilises a world-classvertical integration process, guaranteeing a quality-controlled and undoubtedly home-grown product from start to finish.

As the first and leading certified broiler chicken producer in Sri Lanka, adapting to vertical integration asserts Crysbro’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards in its manufacturing process.

“Our operations run within a vertically integrated manufacturing process, meaning our entire production process is in-house, starting from farmlands, feed production, grandparent chicken breeding farms, parent chicken breeding farms, hatchery, broiler farms, processing, packaging to an island-wide delivery system,” noted Crysbro Senior Marketing Manager AmoresSellar.

The adaption of the vertical integration process enables Crysbro with access to strategic production inputs, distribution resources and process and retail channels, allowing Crysbro to stand out from any competition.

Additionally, this allows the company to proactively adapt to changing customer needs, without cutting down on, or halting operations for procedure overhauls.

Further, Crysbro has implemented a plethora of sustainable green-farming practices, qualifying its farms to international poultry standards in bio-security, protocols and regular lab testing to ensure all flocks are healthy.

Striving for perfection, in 2020 Crysbro introduced its state-of-the-art molecular laboratory facility to its processing plant, marking it the first ever to be brought into the country. Through this facility, Crysbro utilises the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) system to detect common foodborne pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria and Campylobacter, which are three extremely common culprits of food poisoning.

By introducing new technology and safety measures into their processes, Crysbro is actively addressing the rising demand for poultry meat and eggs in Sri Lanka while greatly minimising risk to public health.

Crysbro’s commitment to refined manufacturing process adaption and food safety is beyond significant, and the poultry giant follows all hygiene and biosecurity standards leaving no room for health and food safety discrepancies in the overall operations front, as well as supply chain, from hatcheries, broiler farms, to production, processing and transportation.

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