Colombo Stock Exchange Commences Executive Program with University Canada West

The Executive Program, launched by the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) and University Canada West (UCW) is set to commence on 27th, September 2021. The launch of this exclusive program is a first step in the collaborative efforts for mutual development of the two organizations.

The curriculum of the program includes Developing Business Analytics and Risk Management skills, Learning about Analytics Modeling including Finance and Risk Management, Developing a global perspective through understanding Foreign Transaction Risks, Sovereign Risks, and calculating Market Risk exposure along with Evaluating optimal risky Portfolios & Bonds.

The program is targeted towards individuals who are currently involved in the financial industry. The three key modules of the program are Investment Analysis and Management, Global Financial Institutions Management and Business Analytics. Participants of the program are encouraged to continue into the MBA program offered at UCW upon meeting admissions’ requirements.

The program will be conducted virtually and allow participants from across the island to join an educational experience of international standard. The modules are a blend of live lectures and asynchronous study model where students would experience modern form of self studying virtually. Participants who successfully complete the program would receive a certificate of achievement.

The Executive Program will be led by a distinguished panel of lecturers from UCW who are well-experienced in the industry and are equipped to offer exclusive insight into the modules. Mr. UrvishPankajkumarSubodh will be leading the module on Business Analytics, Dr. Pooja Lekhi will be leading the module on Global Financial Institutions Management, and Dr. Michele Vincenti, Chair of the Leadership and People Management Department in the MBA program at UCW will be leading the module on Investment Analysis & Management.

CSE and UCW anticipate collaborating in further future initiatives to provide training and skills development in the areas of business analytics, finance, and risk management.

More information can be obtained via by calling 011 2356531-529.

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