vivo Breaks New Ground with Self-Designed Imaging Chip V1

vivo unveiled its newself-designedImaging Chip V1 during apressevent held last week in Shenzhen, China.Throughout the event, vivointroduced the Imaging Chip V1 andexpanded on its four long-term strategic tracks.

“V1 is a fully-customized integrated circuit chip dedicated for imaging and video applications with leading edge visual quality, marking a key milestone as vivo’s inaugural breakthrough in independent R&D and chip design. In line with vivo’s imaging system design, theImaging Chip V1 can better serve user needs by optimizingsmartphone application scenarios such asviewfinder look and video recording,” said Hu Baishan, Executive Vice President&COO at vivo.

The Imaging Chip V1 has been under development for 24 months by over 300 R&D personnel and imaging lab experts at vivo. Movingforward, vivo’s approach towards spearheading innovative image processing (IP) technologyat the chip levelwill mainly revolve around four strategic tracks: imagesystem, operating system, industrial design and performance.

In Hu’s view, vivo will only consider developing chips with partners when there is a lack of supplied capability on the market that are suitable for vivo’s product andtechnical needs, along with substantial demand for fully-customized chips to support these long-term strategic tracks. vivo will strategically focus its resources on simulating the known needs of consumers through IPDesign and developing key innovative image processing algorithms, without undertaking chip manufacturing.

“Aside from enhancing the visual aesthetics and imaging effects of vivo products, the Imaging Chip V1 also aims to bring unparalleled experiences to usersby channeling emotional resonance through visual expression. vivo is staunchly committed to long-term investment in the four strategic tracks to create industry-leading technology and innovation, which will undoubtedlysatisfy even the most demanding high-end smartphoneusers,” he added.

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