A Way of Life – Sri Lanka Cricket, Powered by Daraz!

This September, in a country where cricket is more a way of life than just a sport, the heart of Sri Lanka will beat for its Lankan Lions as they take on The Proteas of South Africa. An unwavering supporter of Sri Lanka Cricket, Daraz have cemented their role as the Official Overseas Team Sponsor of Sri Lanka Cricket for 2021.

Powered by Daraz, the Sri Lankan Cricket team will kick-off the first of its 3 ODI fixtures on the 2nd of September 2021 at the R. Premadasa Stadium. As the back of jersey sponsors for the T20 Series commencing on the 10th of September 2021, it is indisputable that Daraz will support our Lions every step of the way.

Through their unending support of the Sri Lankan Cricket Team, Daraz stands firmly in support of the Sri Lankan people that so ardently preserve the love of the game. Cricket is a lifestyle in Sri Lanka with many fans living and breathing the sport. The return of cricket matches following the pandemic was yearned for by fans, despite their deprivation of the thrilling firsthand experience and nail-biting atmosphere. As the leading e-commerce platform in Sri Lanka, Daraz has continuously supported the economy during these tumultuous times.

From SMEs to sellers to the people of Sri Lanka, Daraz has been a constant pillar of strength as a platform that facilitates socio-economic development. Recognizing the presence of untapped talent in every corner of Sri Lanka, Daraz has risen to the occasion, nurturing the entrepreneurial skills of individuals across the island. Through their role as the largest online marketplace in Sri Lanka, Daraz has become a one-stop-shop for everything you could need while simultaneously uplifting the people of Sri Lanka.

Rakhil Fernando, the Managing Director of Daraz, shared his thoughts stating, “Daraz supports Sri Lanka. It is no secret that Sri Lanka thrives in the atmosphere of a cricket encounter, whether it be schoolboy cricket or supporting the Lions. By supporting the Sri Lankan team, we are supporting Sri Lanka as a whole. From improving the e-commerce infrastructure to empowering SMEs; to providing opportunities to sellers from across the country, we are committed to the overall strategy of furthering the development of our island home. We wish our men all the best as they head on to the pitch.”

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