SLT-MOBITEL deploys ‘Fibre of the Nation’ driving digital transformation and connected lifestyles

In an era of disruptive technology, mobility, intelligent connectivity and smart devices that enable the country’s development, agile innovation with fast optical technology is critical to sustain a thriving digital ecosystem. It enables citizens, enterprise customers, SMEs and start-ups to reach new heights, fuel the country’s economy and improve the wellbeing of Sri Lanka.

SLT-MOBITEL, the National ICTSolutions Provider, navigates this new ecosystem by bringing the first, fastest and widest premium fibre connection to every single village in the country, whilst harnessing its power to facilitate smart lifestyles towards a digitally inclusive Sri Lanka.

Fibre of the Nation
SLT-MOBITEL is the only company in Sri Lanka to provide end-to-end fibre connectivity, on dedicated lines. Deploying new technological concepts including Internet of Things (IOT), Smart home, Ultra HD TV, Gaming and other real time applications, SLT-MOBITEL caters to higher bandwidth demands of 100 mbps to 1000 mbps.

With its ultra-high speeds, SLT-Mobitel Fibre is the fastest and most consistent network available in the local telecommunication market guaranteeing the lowest latency with 84 international submarine cables for direct global connectivity. Today, SLT-MOBITEL customers benefit from the company’s digital highway of more than 60,000 km of fibre network throughout the island.

Through SLT-Mobitel Fibre, customers will be able to integrate all aspects of their lives; from their workplace to their home and beyond.

SLT-Mobitel Fibre users will have access to innovative and exciting multipleservices on multiple devices such as ultra HD quality channels and video on demand via Peo TV, high speed internet access, DATA services, Wi-Fi, VoIP, Live feeds and streaming, online education, eSports, remote working, video conferencing and e-services, etc.

Through SLT-Mobitel Fibre, smart living solutions will enable substantial productivity gains for small and medium enterprises and micro-level businesses across the country, ensuring they have access to cloud computing, e-application benefits and as a catalyst for knowledge sharing and development. SLT-Mobitel Fibre’s cutting-edge technology is set to revolutionize entertainment, education, retail and customer lifestyles at an accelerated rate enhancing user experience.

Overcoming dependency on high-speed connectivity during the pandemic
Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, as customers, workforces and business processes adapt to a new operating model, the demand for broadband communication services has soared. The need to maintain robust network connectivity during the pandemic has never been more crucial or evident. In the new normal, it is more important than ever to ensure secure and stable connectivity.

SLT-MOBITEL has been successful, using insight and technical skills, in ensuring uninterrupted connectivity, while creating new connectivity-based digital products, services and propositions to empower Sri Lankans providing innovative exciting communication solutions and experiences.

The Government’s Vision of a digital economy
The Government has embarked on a highly anticipated digital transformation journey to drive Sri Lanka towards a digitally empowered economy and into an innovative, knowledge and technology-based society. However, in order for all citizens to reap the benefits of digital technologies, the government recognizes the need to ensure that access to high-speed and affordable internet is available to all citizens including those in remote areas of the country.

It is the Government’s vision to ensure a ‘Digitally Inclusive and Prosperous Sri Lanka’ which is citizen-centric, promotes IT entrepreneurship and can establish Sri Lanka as a global innovation hub. Ensuring quality and affordable communication and internet facilities are also key considerations for the government as this serves as the vehicle for a digital economy.

High speed Fibre across Sri Lanka
Accelerating this technology adoption for Sri Lanka is SLT-MOBITEL, the pioneer in broadband technology, driven to revolutionize internet usage across the country whilst expanding Sri Lanka’s broadband capacity.

The company’s ultimate objective is to enable a digital future which is accessible to all. SLT-MOBITEL has invested billions of rupees towards its strategic vision of a digital Sri Lanka, through highly sophisticated international and local network infrastructure and many other support systems.

Today, the company’s island wide fibre network has boosted productivity and unlocked job opportunities across numerous sectors and socio-economic segments in Sri Lanka, making significant contributions towards economic development.

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