Unilever Sri Lanka enables 100% of its employees to discover their purpose in life

Unilever Sri Lanka, one of the country’s largest fast-moving consumer goods companies,has announced that through its ‘Discover your Purpose’ workshops, every single one of its ~1,000 employees including blue collar workers in its factories, have been able to discover their unique purpose which forms the foundation of success for its people, brands and the company.

Purpose has the power to positively impact people both personally and professionally. Recent studies show that employees who live their purpose at work are four times more likely to report higher engagement levels than those who don’t (Mckinsey & Company). Unilever Sri Lanka commenced its purpose workshops in 2017 which are deep rooted in the company’s Global Compass Strategy – ‘Companies with purpose last’, ‘Brands with purpose grow’ and ‘People with purpose thrive’. They also stem from the company’s commitment towards investing in talent and promoting purposeful wellbeing at the workplace.

Speaking about this achievement, Ananya Sabharwal, Director – Human Resources at Unilever Sri Lanka said,“One of my best days at Unilever has been when I attended the ‘Discover Your Purpose’ workshop. At Unilever, our aim is to haveeach talent’s career, development plan and leadership style powered by their individual purpose. A sense of purpose not only makes getting through the pandemic a smoother journey, but countless studies also show its link tobetter wellbeing.I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our 50+ employee facilitators across functions, and to the Unilever Sri Lanka Learning Team for their tireless efforts in achieving this amazing milestone. I truly believe that discovering our unique super-power is the starting point of each of our self-development and growth journeys.”

Adding her comments,Hajar Alafifi, Chairperson and Managing Director of Unilever Sri Lankasaid, “There are two moments in life that define a human; the moment they were born and the moment they find out why they were born.It gives me immense gratitude to be able to contributeto our people’s journey in lifeby helping them understand what drives them and why, which will prepare our talent to becomestronger,purpose-led, future-fit leaders of tomorrow.”

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