INSEE Cement Running at Full Production Capacity to Meet Local Demand

Sri Lanka’s only local cement manufacturer continues to supply its range of retail and industrial cement products to the market and geared up its production to full capacity. This, to reduce the currently experiencing product shortage in the country as a result of several cement importers refusing to meet the demand.  

Along with the recent depreciation of the LKR, some cement importers have refused to release their goods based on increased import costs, creating an artificial scarcity in the market. Currently running at a 3.6 million ton full production capacity, INSEE Cement is stepping up its express logistics, delivery channels and bulk carrier fleet to ensure the recovering local construction industry is not needlessly and negatively impacted by any potential shortage of cement, which is listed under essential commodities with a fixed MRP. INSEE Cement is especially focussing on serving the critical infrastructure projects and government institutions, such as Central expressway, irrigation projects, RDA & UDA, and BMC/NHDA, to enable progress of projects as planned. This is also supported by our parent company by providing uninterrupted material supplies.

“INSEE Cement draws from a 50-year heritage of serving the Sri Lankan market, and we are today the most-loved brand in Sri Lanka because we have never failed to deliver on our promise,” Gustavo Navarro, Chief Executive Officer at INSEE Cement stated. “The loyalty and deep-rooted sentiment we have received from our consumers over the years is proof of our commitment to develop the country while advancing our industry, and we have successfully continued to do so during these unprecedented times. Our consumers can be assured as always of full-capacity production and supply of INSEE Cement to the market. We trust that we can curtail any unnecessary pressure on the Consumer Affairs Authority and government regulators who have been pressed for price hikes and hope to quell any disruptions to market supply across Sri Lanka.”

“As cement importers seem not to be willing to cater towards the Sri Lankan market these days it is essential to continue to focus on the growing local cement manufacturing industry, driven by INSEE Cement. We continue to support the country in these unprecedent times and instead of putting even more pressure onto the current system, like the importers do to succeed in their demands, we support each other with a mutual benefit in the long-term and overseeing shot-term negatives“, states Navarro. INSEE Cement is expanding their market reach to alleviate construction industry stakeholders and workers who have been impacted by the artificial scarcity with 1.5 million ton increased production capacity in Galle, 1.3 million ton production capacity in Puttalam and 0.8 million ton import capacity at the Colombo Cement Terminal, all operations running at full capacity.

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