Allianz Lanka Voice of Customer Program drives greater customer engagement and feedback

Allianz Lanka, one of the leading insurance providers in Sri Lanka, recently implemented the Voice of Customer (VoC) program into its core insurance system.

The VoC programme helps companies listen to their customers in order to further improve its product or service, thereby keeping them at the centre of the entire business, leading to greater satisfaction. The program collects customer information in real time and stores it in a manner in which it can be accessed and analysed easily, thus enabling Allianz to focus its attention on the principal cause of any customer related issues. Any queries that are received are resolved within 24-48 hours, leading to an enhanced customer journey and in a bid to ensure complete transparency, all customer ratings are published on the Allianz Lanka website.

Allianz Lanka alsoensures that any learnings from the program are integrated into the learning and development cycles of their employees, allowing them to be more customer centric. As such, it is expected that the VoCwould be an effective way to retain customers and build brand loyalty through positive reviews or word of mouth.

“In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect businesses to offer them greater convenience by anticipating their needs and having a tailor-made solution ready. To accomplish this, many trendsetting companies are implementing innovative methods to make it almost effortless for customers to get what they want, when they want it. At Allianz Lanka, true customer centricity is at the core of our renewal agenda and the VoC program is a part of this. It is an important way for us to focus on our customer’s needs, understand the way they perceive our brand and the expectations they may have for future product improvement. Our aim is to connect with our customers in way that will help us design products and services that will cater to their every need, thereby providing them with a safe and secure future,” said Gany Subramaniam, Chief Executive Officer, Allianz Insurance Lanka Limited.

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