Unilever Sri Lanka’s Ceytea Tea Factory donates essential medical equipment

Unilever Sri Lanka’s Ceytea Tea Factory in Agarapathana,recently donated much neededmedical equipment worth LKR 2 million to medical institutes in the NuweraEliya region.

The institutes include theDistrict General Hospital in Nuwara Eliya, Divisional Hospital in Agarapathana, Divisional Hospital in Lindulaand the LindulaMOH office, as the country continues its battle against the prevailing pandemic.

The aforementioned medical institutes are responsible for treating thousands of people in the area but are short of certain essential diagnostic technology and day to day personal protective equipment.Having identified this need, Ceytea stepped in to donate several items including a Centrifuge machine for PCR testing, a generator,a suction machine, waste bins, KN 95 masks, surgical masks,face shields, boots, bed covers and warmers.

Speaking about the donation,Gerard Irudayaraj, Supply Chain Director – Unilever Sri Lanka said, “Ever sincewe commenced our manufacturing operations atCeyteaalmost 60 years ago, we have builtstrong and lasting bonds with the NuweraEliya communitythroughseveralsustainabilityprogrammes and community building projects.As such, weconsider it our duty to support them during thistime of needas the country combats the prevailing pandemic.”

Adding her thoughts, Anusha Kotalawala, Ceytea Factory Manager – Unilever Sri Lanka said,“When we were made aware that we could be of assistance, we had no hesitation in rendering whatever aid we could. We are humbled to supportour fellow countrymen in the Nuwara Eliya region andhope ourcontributions will further strengthen the quality of healthcare services in the area.”

Dr. W. R. M. MahendraSenevirathna, Director – District General Hospital, Nuwara Eliya Said “We would like to express our thanks to Unilever for their generous donation to our hospital during this COVID-19 pandemic. The items donated are extremely valuable and important to us during this period and we assure we will utilize them effectively to ensure the maximum benefit to our patients and frontline healthcare workers.”

Dr.T.P.T.J. Bandara, Medical Officer of the Divisional Hospital in Agarapathana said, “Wewere in great need of a generator for quite some time as we were not able to find a solution for our own which had broken down.With frequent power cuts in the area, our patients have had to endure manystrugglesin the past.We couldn’t bemore thankful to Unilever for understanding our difficulties and donating a generator at a time when we needed it the most.”

Commenting on the donation, Dr. Sandun Jayalath, District Medical Officer of the Divisional Hospital in Lindulasaid, “The hospital management and I would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to Unilever for donating essential surgical equipment and other items at a time when we are facing an unprecedented health crisis in the country.”

Thanking Unilever for their generous contribution, Dr, JanathAbeygunarathne, Medical Officer of the MOH in Lindula said, “While our healthcare officials are carrying out PCR tests in light of the COVID-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka, we offer our thanks to Unilever for their kind donation of much needed protective equipment upon our requestto ensure the safety of our healthcare workers. Whilst we truly appreciatethe company for supporting us during times of need, we look forward to theirkind support in the future as well.”

Unilever has contributed over Rs. 70 million towards COVID-19 relief efforts since March 2020, with several of its brands at the forefront of public education and safety; The company recently donated 32 oxygen concentrators worth Rs. 10 million to the Ministry of Health;Its hygiene brand Lifebuoy has set up 100 Lifebuoy hand washing stations across the island and has been constantly engaging with members of the community to create awareness on hygiene and sanitation; Unilever’s efforts also include donating funds to the COVID-19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund and providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ventilators, masks and essential Unilever products to Government and related bodies working towards preventing and controlling the pandemic.

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