DIMO Launches Mercedes-Benz Genuine Engine Oil in Sri Lanka

DIMO, one of the leading conglomerates in Sri Lanka, togetherwith its long-standingpartner Mercedes-Benz, introduced Mercedes-Benz Engine Oil to theSri Lankan market recently.

Engine oil is the most important lubricant in any automobile. Mercedes-Benz automobiles are no ordinary mode of transportation and it demands the world’s leading expertise of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Engine Oil. Mercedes-Benz oil will keep the beating heart of the three-pointed star ticking flawlessly, for decades to come, especially for modern-day technological marvels that demand high tolerances.Mercedes-Benz Genuine Oil is a product that comes directly from the Mercedes-Benz AG to DIMO, which has been tested and proven for its excellence at the Mercedes-Benz AG Research and Development centres.

Reduced friction leads to greater performanceand Mercedes-BenzEngine Oil is engineered to cope perfectly with the mechanical and thermal loads exerted on an engine while in use. As engine oil goes through heat cycles from regular use, a residue is formed. This remnant increases the friction between components within the engine, which in turn increases engine wear. The Mercedes-BenzGenuine Engine Oil aims at tackling this issue head on by making this a non-issue.

Chief Operating Officerat Mercedes-Benz Cluster of DIMO Rajeev Pandithage stated, “We are pleased to introduce Mercedes-Benz Genuine EngineOil to the Sri Lankan market as the OnlyAuthorized Agent for Mercedes-Benz in Sri Lanka.  It is DIMO’s collective responsibility to reduce emissions, thereby we offer our fullest contribution to mitigate the environmental pollution. Improved Fuel Efficiency is one of the most important features of Mercedes-Benz Genuine EngineOil, which is a major pillar of support to DIMO’s sustainable initiatives while also offeringgreater fuel savings for our valued clientele.”

Less vehicle failures are always a pleasure especially during the busy life schedules of the valued clientele, thus making reliability a primary objective of Mercedes-BenzGenuine Engine Oil. The focus on reducing evaporation loss, along with oil burn and maintaining a consistent oil flow within the tight parameters required by a “Star”engine, ensures the heart of your pride and joy remain healthy for decades to come.

Sri Lanka’s tropical climate poses additional stress on engine oil. Mercedes-Benz Genuine Engine Oil is specifically designed to operate in temperatures of up to 260 degrees Celsius, allowing for uncompromised performance on our equatorial island.

Engine oil plays a paramount role in the operation of the vehicles. Mercedes-Benz automobiles should not be stranded or be victims of costly repairs due to shortfalls in regular maintenance. If improper fluids are used,the valued clientele would be the victims of engine oil leaks, engine ceasing, unpleasant smells of burning oil and irritating noises in the form of engine ticking. Even a visit to the colder hill country climates of Sri Lanka might go sour, as unsuitable engine oil may result in the engine failing to ignite. Rest assured that Mercedes-Benz Genuine Engine Oil will not leave you stranded at any point of your Mercedes-Benz experience. It is also advised for all Mercedes-Benz users in Sri Lanka to look for the DIMO Guaranteed Genuine Hologram Sticker placed on each Mercedes-Benz Genuine Engine Oil can to ensure the authenticity of the product being purchased.

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