Nippon Paint Introduces VirusGuard+ to Counter Covid19

Asia’s leading paint & coatings Manufacturer Nippon Paint unveiled its breakthrough paint technology VirusGuard+ in Sri Lanka recently. The Sri Lankan launch of the premium interior paint with antimicrobial properties was followed by the overwhelming reception in Singapore & Malaysia where it was first introduced in the latter part of 2020.

The paint is enriched with copper (Cu+) IONsto offer optimum protection against the current Covid19 strain while being washable, stain resistant and having low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). VirusGuard+ contains no hazardous substances thus is suitable for commercial & public facilities as well as residences to eliminate surface contamination.

Nippon Paint VirusGuard+ antibacterial paint has been clinically tested by third party laboratories and proven to be effective against human Coronaviruses and Feline Calicivirus (approved by EPA to replace Human Norovirus). The paint is also certified environmentally friendly by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC).

Commenting on the new breakthrough product, Mihiran Opatha, Head-of-Sales of Nippon Paint said: “We are excited to be the first paint brand to introduce not one but two virus-proofing solutions to the market: 3-in-1 MediFresh & VirusGuard+. While MediFresh which is a widely acclaimed innovative product offers protection from disease-causing microorganisms generally,VirusGuard+ has been optimized specifically to counter the Covid19 virus.

We are committed to delivering practical, effective & affordable solutions to everyday issues via paint; we rely on our exceptional R&D capabilities in this regard. VirusGuard+ can be applied over any pre-painted surface, offers excellent coverage and comes in 23 curated matte shades to choose from. We are confident this product will be a gamechanger,” he added.

Nippon Paint VirusGuard+ harnesses the long-established antimicrobial properties of copper in the form of encapsulated Cu+ IONs to kill viruses by destroying their outer layers & dismantling the genetic configuration. As long as the paint film is intact, the surface will remain virus-free. This eliminates the need for frequent disinfection of walls saving time, effort & energy. The paint could be purchased online via Nippon Paint official website [], and could be delivered islandwide.

Nippon Paint is manufactured and marketed in Sri Lanka by Nippon Paint Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Paint Japan & is a formidable player in the category. Whilst Nippon Paint is one of the largest paint manufacturers in Sri Lanka, the parent Company NIPSEA Group manufactures over 1 billion litres of paints and coats annually positioning NIPSEA Group as the most sought-after supplier of coating in Asia as well as among the top manufacturers of paint in the world in terms of volume.

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