Daraz Cares Igenumata Athwelak facilitating education for the students of Sri Lanka

The current transition to online learning across the education system of Sri Lanka due to the pandemic, has hindered many children in having access to basic education. The households of a majority of school going children, especially in the rural areas of the country, do not own a smart device that supports learning platforms.

The economic viability of their families, further hit by loss of income, means that parents too are unable to provide for such facilities. As a result, many students have either limited access or have had to entirely forgo their basic education.

Recognizing the need to bridge this gap, Daraz has taken the initiative to lend a helping hand through ‘Daraz Cares IgenumataAthwelak’.

From the 24th of June 2021, the Daraz Cares platform will open the purchase of donation vouchers to all users under the digital goods category. These donationsrange from Rs. 100 upwards and will be processed similar to an online purchase. You simply have to select the relevant donation valueand proceed to purchase it. Customers can also opt for multiple vouchers for a higher donation value. The donations accumulated at the end of the campaign period will be used to purchase the resources and essential educational tools needed by students and donated to the selected schools.

“As the CSR platform of Daraz, Daraz Cares has been working towards supporting many organizations that work in our community to uplift the living standards of Sri Lankans. At present, the need for facilities to access remote learning has become essential. The transformation to online learning has left many children unable to gain their basic education, because they do not own relevant electronic devices andother support equipment like printers.Through this campaign we aim to rally those who are eager to help, and channel the donations to deserving students,” stated Heshan Perera- Head of Marketing at Daraz Sri Lanka.

With the objective of reducing the gap of educational accessibility among children across the country through this campaign, Daraz will commence by donating to 5 selected schools in the Thunukkai Education Zone in the Mullaitivu district.LEADS, an organization partnered under Daraz Cares will facilitate the selection of schools through their network, and outline the best suitable requirements for them.

Through Daraz Cares Igenumata Athwelak, Daraz will explore all possible opportunities to enable the youth of Sri Lanka to gain access to a stable education. Functioning under the theme of learning for all our communities, Daraz Cares will continue to drive initiatives that reach out to those who are in need of support, empower them and grow the community in different levels.

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