WSO2 Acquires Platformer and Introduces Choreo to Extend its Kubernetes Capabilities

WSO2 announced that it is addressing this challenge with the launch of Choreo, the new integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for cloud native engineering and the acquisition of Platformer, innovator of an enterprise-grade cloud native application platform for Kubernetes.

The ChoreoiPaaS, now in public beta, builds on WSO2’s industry-leading technology by enabling developers to engineer in low-code and pro-code simultaneously for the first time; build, test and deploy in Kubernetes; manage APIs; share them in a marketplace, and observe performance—all within hours not weeks. As a result, enterprises can now facilitate collaboration between business users and IT, focus immediately on creating production-ready business applications, and produce lock-in free low-code that they control.

“Enterprises are increasingly leveraging cloud-native platforms to speed their time to market, scale out rapidly, and increase agility. Yet it’s still too hard. It can take months or years to bring digital products into production as developers struggle with integration and the complexity of adopting cloud native engineering practices and deploying on Kubernetes-based platforms. We’re removing those roadblocks with Choreo, our next-generation iPaaS for cloud native engineering,” said Eric Newcomer, WSO2 CTO.

The Platformer Console complements Choreo by enhancing its Kubernetes-based deployment capabilities to support multiple regions, multiple cloud providers, and even private clouds. It will allow Choreo to expand beyond WSO2’s open-source Ballerina programming language to support the DevOps management of any containerised workload for Kubernetes in a cloud agnostic way.

“Kubernetes is the de facto standard for developing and deploying cloud native applications,” said Dr. SanjivaWeerawarana, WSO2 founder and CEO. “In adding Platformer and its state-of-the-art technology to our ChoreoiPaaS, we are extending our commitment to supporting native Kubernetes for cloud native engineering. We’re now well-positioned to fully capitalize on Kubernetes for cloud orchestration and let customers focus on creating, connecting and protecting their cloud native apps and APIs.”

With the acquisition, KanchanaWickremasinghe, Platformer co-founder and former CEO, joins WSO2 as vice president and product manager, Choreo Data Plane.

“WSO2’s software for API management, integration and CIAM is powering the digital services of some of the world’s largest organizations, and with Choreo, the company is driving a new level of innovation and agility powered by Kubernetes,” said KanchanaWickremasinghe, WSO2 vice president and product manager, Choreo Data Plane. “In joining WSO2, we have an opportunity to pursue our shared vision of empowering enterprises to leverage cloud native engineering in scaling their digital businesses while fostering greater developer collaboration, speeding release cycles, and maximizing the cost efficiency of their cloud native applications.”

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