CRYSBRO’s comprehensive COVID-19′ protocol extends protection & support to all stakeholders

Sri Lanka’s largest poultry company CRYSBRO actions out a comprehensive, vigorous COVID-19 protocol to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its employees and stakeholders.With diligent, strict consideration to the health regulations posted by the Ministry of Health, the company’s COVID-19 protocol ensuressafety across all spheres while enabling continuity of operations by actioning proactive and powerful health safety and social protection measures.

“The fallout from the pandemic will be deeply felt by all for many years to come. In such a tough context, we want to ensure that our family which includes our workers and their families, are protected and supported in every aspect of their life at this time. This is the ethos upon which our coordinated, comprehensive and people-centered COVID-19′ safety protocol is built upon. CRYSBRO has always been incredibly transparent and diligent in our operations and actions right from the beginning of the pandemic and have coordinated closely with official health authorities to do. This diligence has allowed us to continue our operations in a controlled environment, and enabled us to deliver poultry products of the highest quality despite the challenges imposed by the pandemic. I want to extend my gratitude to the HR and Admin teams at CRYSBRO who spearheads the rollout of these health and safety initiatives with such deep commitment,” CRYSBRO Senior Marketing Manager Amores Sellar opined.

CRYSBRO’s airtight protocol was crafted with ample direction and advice from the Ministry of Health and local Public Health Inspectors, followed by regular comprehensive risk auditsof the entire operation, to prevent and address workplace risks by strengthening occupational safety and health measures. This has allowed the company to stay ahead of any issues while protecting their employees and their operational strengths, including regular, random PCR testing, followed by immediate quarantine and testing to all close contacts should a positive case is found. Each COVID-19′ positive or home quarantined employee is then supplied with a kit including a thermometer and additional OTC medicine, and monitored daily to ensure their wellbeing.

The company providesstaff transport to all workers employedat its food processing facilities to minimize their social interaction with outsiders, along with transport to office and factory employees as needed. Employees are encouraged and rostered to work in bio bubbles as much as possible; enabling them to not mix with people outside their circles to maximize safety. The company also offers fully paid leave to employees who have to quarantine for as long as they need, while simultaneously delivering complete packages of dry rations and medicine to their families for the course of their quarantine period.Every employee’s needs are tended to on a case by case manner, to ensure that their unique and individual requirements when they are in quarantine or hospitalized for treatment are met immediately as they transition through this difficult period.

CRYSBRO also conducts risk analysis to identify its weaknesses in operations and informs the larger team of these crises to establish a smoother, safer work flow. Together with this, the company maintains close, consistent relationships with the Ministry of Health and relevant PHIs to ensure that that all operations are conducted according to the stringent guidelines setup by the ministry of health to mitigate the spread of the virus.

CRYSBRO’s health and safety protocol includes all possible precautionary measures to deter any internal or external spreads of the global COVID-19 pandemic, including strict non-contact temperature checks, periodical hygiene checks and enhanced sanitary measures. Periodical PCR tests and antigen are also conducted for the workers by the Ministry of Health through PHIs (Public Health Inspectors) during their frequent visits to monitor and enhance safety of all of CRYSBRO’s business and production operations.  This is complemented by the addition of hand sanitizers, the installation of handwashing facilities and frequent cleaning of high use areas such as restrooms and eating areas. Strict social distancing is enforced at every juncture while all production staff are geared with masks as well as personal protective equipment where necessary.

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