Vivo debuts new “To Beautiful Moments” campaign for UEFA EURO 2020

As the official smartphone of UEFA EURO 2020™, vivo wants football fans everywhere to enjoy everybeautiful moment during the tournament. With a passion for providing incredible experiences to its users, the brand is channeling its sponsorship platform to help enrich the joys around the game, whether they take place on or off the phone.

In its “To Beautiful Moments” campaign debuting recently, vivo encourages people to be in the moment, whether that means connecting virtually with friends, family and fellow fans or giving their full attention to the beautiful game, even if it means putting the phone down.

“People around the world have been very enthusiastic and been eagerly awaiting this tournament. We want to celebrate the spirit and sportsmanship of the game now, more than ever before and make sure that the fans get the most out of the experience,” saidSpark Ni, Senior Vice President and CMO of vivo. “We strive not only to help people capture and share the magical and special moments of life,butto also make every moment in life more magical and worth remembering.”

The new advertising campaignhas been rolled out, airing on television in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and China, and around the world on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.Thecreative shows fansenjoying, capturing and sharing beautiful moments before, after and in-between matches, while sending the message, “give your phone a break, and be there for life’s beautiful moments.”

Through its partnership with UEFA, vivo looks to connect with and expand its widening user-base of over 400 million people worldwide. “As we rapidly expand our global business, it is extremely important for us to connect with people through the beautiful moments in life that are special to them and cared about most,” said Spark Ni. “vivo is incredibly proud to partner with UEFA to engage with football fans across the world as we’re a brand deeply connected to and invested in the like-minded passions and interests of our users.”

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