International Association of Pageantry appoints Representative in Sri Lanka

The International Association of Pageantry (IAOP) recently announced their appointment of Chanaka Perera as the Exclusive Representative/Partner in Sri Lanka. The IAOP is a self-regulating ethics and regulatory body for the pageant industry, with its head office based in the United States (US).

Pageantry is a cultural icon in many countries, and the IAOP serves the international pageant community by promoting industry ethics, self-regulation, and best practices, thus providing consumer protection for pageant systems, suppliers, and participants following the Code of Ethics. With numerous international pageants registered under IAOP system worldwide, IAOP members and participants are asked to provide safe environments for empowering fair competition and protecting participants while maintaining the integrity of the pageant industry. As the IAOP is also involved in vetting of judges for pageants, maintaining ethical standards throughout the pageant is definitely a priority.

Dr.Rollan Roberts, Chairman of the IAOP commented on the appointment ofthe new Exclusive Representative/Partner in Sri Lanka saying, “I’d like to welcome Chanaka Perera and his organization in Sri Lanka to the IAOP membership family. We are so thrilled that those in Sri Lanka are committed, under his guidance and leadership with the IAOP, to honesty, integrity and ethics in pageantry. We believe that this is the best way to support and empower women through this profession. We are so grateful to the Sri Lankan government, the organization and to our partnership as they aim to ensure fair, honest and ethical pageants throughout Sri Lanka.”

The IAOP acting through Chanaka Perera has agreed to take pageantry in Sri Lanka to new heights, keeping with the Code of Ethics and advising the Sri Lankan government on the International Systems and Guidelines in place to ensure fairness and integrity within this prominent industry. Educated in England and Australia, Chanaka Perera is a known entrepreneur with involvements in the pageantry industry. Therefore, his expertise in the area as well as his emphasis on ensuring that the system upholds transparency and equal opportunity, promise great hope for the future of Sri Lanka pageants. The IAOP is also interested in exploring the opportunity of promoting Sri Lanka as a pageant destination in the US. Through affiliation with the Supporting Women Association of Pageantry in Sri Lanka (SWAP), it is hoped that every competitor will be facilitated the opportunity to flourish and grow through empowering pageant experiences.

In addition, the IAOP works tirelessly with national and regulatory governing bodies on with the aim of fulfilling Sustainable Development Goal #5 (SDG5) as per the United Nations (UN). SDG5 focuses on achieving gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls. As such, the IAOP hopes to provide a foundation by which women and girls might step into the spotlight of empowerment and enable them to take their futures into their own hands.

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