Eskimi Programmatic Solutions; a Game Changer for Sri Lankan Telcos

As programmatic advertising gains popularity in Sri Lanka, industry specific programmatic solutions are now capable of delivering superior campaign results for selected industries, says Eskimi DSP, the leading programmatic provider in Sri Lanka. Programmatic solutions that have worked for global Telcos are now available to the Sri Lankan market via Eskimi.

The Sri Lankan Telco industry has already started identifying the advantages of this platform, with Eskimi providing Programmatic Advertising services to Dialog Axiata since 2018, with rich media features and advanced targeting. These features are especially designed to allow a deeper, granular level of targeting, using factors such as operator-based audience, multi-SIM audience and churned audience.

Also in the local market, Hutch continues to leverage these unique solutions provided for telcos and has run over 75 campaigns with Eskimi. 

“Hutch has been on board with Eskimi since 2018 and we have seen good results with programmatic solutions, designed especially for the Telco market. Being able to target the exact consumer you need and being able to break the creative clutter with unique rich media features has helped us drive better campaign results,” commented Ramzeena Morseth Lye, Chief Marketing Officer – Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

Telco advertisers are now able to opt for media solutions that have been tailor-made to deliver on KPIs critical to this industry. Eskimi is the only platform that enables campaign settings that are aligned to Telco-specific growth objectives that include reducing churn, increasing subscriber ARPU and increasing 4G adoption across the country. These solutions also come with a toolbox of insights and features that are advantageous within a defined playing field.

Globally, Eskimi works with some of the largest telco groups in the world, including Axiata, Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, Telekomcel, Etisalat, Hutch and Dhiraagu, providing advanced solutions developed for these markets. The local Eskimi operation, headed by MilindaTillekeratne, who comes with over 10 years of experience working for a leading Telco provider, is geared to provide these same solutions for the Sri Lankan market.

“At Eskimi, we combine global expertise and best-practices along with local insider knowledge and experience to define what really works for the Sri Lanka Telco market and what won’t. We arm you with the most accurate insights and will dramatically increase the efficiency of your ad spend,” stated MilindaTillekeratne, Country Head – Eskimi DSP.

The Eskimi Telco Dashboard is a unique tool that helps Telcos track real-time mobile data and customer market changes. The advanced features of this research dashboard allows local Telcos to monitor not only their own subscriber growth and audience movements, but also that of their competitors. Customer behaviour can be tracked and analyzed by SIM usage, socio economic class and consumption of network types and 4G usage. Most importantly, customer migrations from one operator to another can be monitored in order to track churn.

With global presence in over 50 countries, Eskimi introduced programmatic advertising to the Sri Lankan market in 2017 and has since doubled local ad spend in 2020 during the pandemic, while also changing the local media landscape by transforming traditional ad buying with a more intuitive and cost-effective approach.

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