The Chamber Academy and ETIS Lanka conducts short Courses on Business Economics

The Chamber Academy of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce together with ETIS Lanka recently concluded a short course in Business Economics.  The three session course equipped participants with an alternative, more real-world, economics training than that provided by most Universities.

This was done in the context of a demystification of the economics taught in higher education, and an unpacking of what are perceived to be problems with the standard economics texts used in the teaching of economics courses from secondary school onwards. The aim of the exercise was to showcase the way in which the alternative approach can provide a more plausible and informed explanation of current trends in economic phenomena than what is taught in the Universities.

This course attracted heads of strategy, investors managing personal portfolios and those belonging to the C suite level that are aware of the importance of an understanding of real-world economic trends and developments for their decision-making.

The training was carried out by Dr Howard Nicholas, a Sri Lankan-born economist with extensive teaching experience in the area of business economics and financial markets. Dr. Nichalos having taught these subjects at business schools in a number of countries including China, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka, is regularly invited to give lectures on the global economy. Dr Nicholas has had over 30 years of experience working with the private sector and policy makers in Sri Lanka and his most notable achievements in this regard are helping to establish the Institute of Policy Studies in 1989 for the government of Sri Lanka and setting up his own economic-advisory company, Econsult, in 1990.

Participating in this course “The course was excellent as it was able to give an alternate view of the traditional economic theories and Howard also made it relevant to the real world and what we do.” Commented Mr. Prabash Subasinghe, Managing Director, Global Rubber Industries (Pvt) Ltd

“It was an excellent program . We should have had every leading member of the business community on the course.” Mr. Murtaza Esufally Chairman, Hemas Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd

“The course was very insightful and Prof.Howard Nicholas presented it in very simple scenarios but containing complex theories.” commented Mr. Sisuranga Silva  Business Analyst, A. Baur & Co. (Pvt) Ltd             

 “The sessions went well. I enjoyed how everything was laid out. Prof. Howard is a very valuable resource person” said Mr. Chathuranga Fernando Business Development Manager, LTL Holdings

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