Founder and CEO of Rootcode Labs Wins ‘ICT Entrepreneur of the Year’

Founder and CEO of Rootcode Labs Alagan Mahalingam was named ‘ICT Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the National ICT Awards (NBQSA 2020) which was held at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall on February 2021.

The gala awards ceremony was organised by the Sri Lankan chapter of the British Computer Society (BCS) – The Chartered Institute for IT – for the 23rd consecutive year, with the main aim of providing international recognition for the outstanding achievements of Sri Lankan people and organisations. The annual competition seeks to improve the standard and quality of local ICT products and services to facilitate their entryinto the international market. National participants of the NBQSA are further nominated for the Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA). 

The National ICT Awards 2020 shone a limelight on Alagan Mahalingam’suntiring efforts towards driving his brainchild Rootcode Labs to great heights. Elated at the announcement of the award, Alagan Mahalingam stated: “This award goes to my brilliant team who make me want to keep pushing myself even further.”

Coming from a very humble background of teacher parents, Alagan had a strong desire and vision to build an international business in the future. As a student, he worked with several international research organisations– such as the Geoinformatics Center of the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand – and was also a Google Student Ambassador for South-East Asia, where he worked on University Empowerment and Coordination for the entire region.

He was also offered a student research position at The University of Tokyo, Japan,during his second yearthere, where he got thechance to work on Solar Panel Optimisationalgorithms with industry-leading professors like Prof. Gento Mogi. Alagan’s first product Signify, an AI-based singing andlearning app, won the Gold award in the Entertainment category ofNBQSA 2016 and was further nominated for the Asia Pacific ICT Awards.

After the successful exit of Signify, he went on to establishRootcode Labs – a software product engineering company thathelps businesses worldwide build high quality software. Rootcode Labs is known for going theextra mile to innovate, while specialising in mobile and web app development as well as in Artificial Intelligence.

It is guided by the vision of making world-class software easy and affordable to any business. And Mahalingam shows great spirit when it comes to leading his incredible team on this very path.Primarily catering its products and services to Europe, North America and Asia, Rootcode Labs is on a mission to be the most trusted technology partner for businesses worldwide, helping them create the best technological solutions.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Alagan identified andrealised the potential of distance-based services which then led him toestablish Expert Republic, an on-demand video consultation app that allows anyone to book a 1-1 video session with professional experts to learn, solve and improve in areas of their choice – including personal coaching, fitness training, counselling, yoga & meditation, technology consulting, startup consulting, public speaking, cooking & baking, interior design, vocal coaching and much more. Expert Republic alsosecured a Silver Award under the ‘Consumer Marketplaces’ category at NBQSA2020. Additionally, RootcodeLabs won a second award at the ceremony – aSilver award for ‘Startup of the Year’which is a testimony tothe staggering growth witnessed by the company over the past year.

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