The first concept-store for eco-friendly clay tiles in Sri Lanka

For the first time in Sri Lanka, Rajarata Tileshas launcheda concept store for clay tile products in Sri Lanka. Specializing in the production of 100% eco-friendly, natural terracotta/clay roofing/flooring/wall tiles to the local and international market, they offer their clientele a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures. The opening of the store was attended by key personnel of Samson Rajata Tile (Pvt) Ltd and DSI Samson Group.

The envisaged idea behind the concept store was to allow customers to truly understand the experience offered via the use of Rajarata Tiles. The unique design showcases an array of colours and overall serenity upon entering the store that rescues customers from the hustle and bustle of life’s day-to-day challenges. One’s home is meant to be carefree and by showcasing a version of this peaceful environment to the customers, the team at Rajarata Tiles hopes that it will add that extra persuasion for customers to invest in their own slice of tranquility.

Known locally as ‘Sinhala Ulu’, Sri Lanka’s rich heritage of clay tile production dates back to ancient times and has evolved over several generations. Today, through the Rajarata Tiles Brand, these clay tiles have embraced modernity and include internationally-recognized tiling styles such as Spanish Clay Tiles, Roman Clay Tiles and many others.

Backed by the DSI Sampson Group, one of Sri Lanka’s largest family-owned conglomerates, Rajarata Tiles sources clay only from the Nachchaduwa Tank, a large reservoir of water located in the ancient city of Anuradhapura that dates back over 2,500 years to the times of great kingdoms. Owing to the desilting process of the Nachchaduwa Tank that helps it to retain water and prevent overflow, Rajarata Tiles is able to efficiently serve the surrounding communities as well as the country while representing its legacy across the world.

Manufactured using globally-recognized Japanese technology and meeting the highest international standards, these high-quality Rajarata Tiles are exported to several countries across the globe and have been well-received across all markets. Marketed locally and with guaranteed quality, the collection consists of uniquely beautiful clay tiles, recognized for their unparalleled strength and are perfectly-suited to the varying weather conditions of Sri Lanka’s tropical climate.

‘Pochchi’ also under Sampson Rajarata specializes in the manufacture of garden products mainly from clay and other eco-friendly materials. The concept store consists of an area dedicated to providing a sustainable eco-friendly outlook that extends to all products in the garden product range.

With 100% natural, eco-friendly and waterproof clay, a unique in-built interlocking system enables the tiles to withstand strong winds. In addition, the manufacturing process ensures zero leakages, minimal water absorption, high strength and the ability to withstand nearly twice the weight of an average human. This endurance of the tiles is also ideal for clients that live in areas that are home to wildlife and specifically monkeys who are liable to destroy the average tiles.

Speaking with Mr. Dilshan Rajapaksa, Marketing Director of Rajarata Tiles on the recent launch of the showroom, “The idea of a concept store for 100% eco-friendly clay tiles and garden products is a novel one in Sri Lanka. Through our innovation and ideation, we were able to introduce this concept here in our country. With our specialized design and use of Japanese technology, we have guaranteed superior quality tiles that have successfully catered to the Sri Lankan tropical climate and gone the extra mile to ensure that all aspects inclusive of rain, wind, impact from heavy objects and even wildlife are accounted for and prepared for. We have ensured maximum protection for our clientele. In addition, our store provides the optimum shopping experience for our customers. The stress-free, calm, serene feeling that personifies nature is the same experience we wish our clients to experience upon investing in the natural clay tiles or ‘Pochchi’ products for their homes”.

Mr. Chandula Rajapaksa, Director of Rajarata Tiles added, “We have ensured that the customers of Rajarata Tiles not only acquire a superior product but also receive the best in customer service. Technical services and maintenance advice from our tile experts is guaranteed right throughout the tile-laying process. We emphasize ‘Solid Elegance’ as we redefine our clients’ use of clay tiles.”

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