Sunlight Launches ‘Sunlight Care Naturals Range’ providing cleanliness and care

Building on its 135-year legacy of caring for clothes, Sunlight recently launched its latest innovative product range ‘Sunlight Care Naturals.’ Bringing together a new range of laundry products with natural ingredients including coconut water, neem and lavenderfragrance,the product cleansclothes and gives itthe long-lasting gentle care it requires, making thembrighter and last longer.

Every time clothes are washed it tends to getdamagedand look dull and old,hence,‘Sunlight Care Naturals’offers deep cleaning and gentle care making clothes last longer.

The Sunlight Care Natural range comes with coconut water and neem extract. Traditionally coconut water is known for its conditioning properties and neem is known as a germ protection ingredient. The combined goodness of Sunlight Care Naturals gives deep cleaning and care for the fibers of the clothes and ensures long lasting care. The fragrance from lavender is historically known to be gentle, soothing and calming to the senses, and by infusing clothes with this fragrance, it not only leaves clothes smelling fresh but also clean.

With the world rapidly becoming more environmentally conscious,consumers are actively seeking morenatural products. Sunlight Care Naturals offers improved naturalness and is

available in three formats; soap, detergent powder and detergent liquid. The product is reasonably priced at Rs. 50 for soap, Rs. 220 for 1kg of powder, Rs. 50 for 200g of powder and Rs. 195 for 600ml and Rs. 325 for 1ltrofthe liquid.

Across the world, laundry remains one of the most time-consuming household chores. The‘Sunlight Care Naturals’ liquiddissolves well and is easy to rinse,making washing easy and thereby giving clothes the long-lasting care it requires. It is the ideal remedyfor any dissolution issues that may arise when using the powder format. TheSunlight Care Naturals liquid is a 95% biodegradable formulation and is offered in a recyclable pack, making laundry an enjoyable and lighter experience,thus saving a considerable amount of time.

Commenting on the launch of Sunlight Care Naturals, Sharmila Bandara – Marketing Director Homecare, Foods & Refreshment & Watersaid,“Introduced in Sri Lanka 135 years ago, Sunlight is a leading household brand in the country which understands local values and heritage. Sunlight recognizes the importance of strengthening bonds with care, be it in fabrics or human hearts, and has for years taken this message forward across the country. As part of our ongoing journey to continuously improve and innovate, we are pleased to offer the Sri Lankan market the Sunlight Care Naturals range.

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