NSF support energizes local beverage market

A locally developed, 100 % natural, energy drink now serves the thirst of athletes, youth, school children and elderly persons, with an enriched nutritional formula. Whey protein rich beverage sweetened with four different natural flavours; ginger, mango, soursop, passion, will occupy supermarket shelves with counterpart energy drinks, with its unique selling point, being “natural”.

The NSF being the funding partner of the product development, investigated the aspect of supporting new product development, by utilizing a byproduct of cheese making industry; the whey, which contains high energy source, whey protein. The new product development has paved the way to convert the byproduct that has been used as an animal feed to a value-added commercial product opening avenue for new product development, a new market, new employment, and uplifting the local SME. The product has been tested at Industrial Technology Institute for shelf life, organoleptic properties, and composition.

The product has been developed by the Lili Cheese (Pvt) Ltd., a local SME in the dairy sector. This would be a revolutionary product emanating from local SME, shedding light on many in the sector to explore market opportunities.

Products under “Lili’ and “ARPICO” brands, are marketed by Komarika International (Pvt) Ltd. Product development was supported under the Technology grant scheme of the NSF and penetrated to the market with the tag “local & natural”.

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