ACL Cables creates history as the first & only local company to receive SLS certification for fire rated cables

Creating history and proving its dominance in the cable industry once again, ACL Cables PLC announced it had been awarded the SLS 1504-3-31 certificate under the product marking scheme for its fire rated – Low smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) non – sheathed single core cables by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) recently.

SLSI is the highest local authority that awards quality standardizations for products sold locally. Upon complying with the requisite standards ACL Cables PLC has become the first company in the country to obtain this certification. The equivalent British Standard (BS) for the above local certification is BS EN 50525-3-31.

Moreover, ACL Cables is currently the largest and pioneering company that manufactures a wide range of LSHF cables locally.  The certification was awarded for cables with voltage up to 450/750 volts. The tests were conducted at ACL in-house laboratories located at their factory premises under the supervision of the SLS audit committee. ACL cables is the only company in Sri Lanka that has a comprehensive lab facility for testing fire rated cables.

Currently ACL cables markets three brands under the category of fire rated cables, namely; ACL Fireguard, ACL Firezero and ACL fire survivor. ACL Fireguard is the core brand out of all three that has reached the masses island wide and is manufactured with a specially insulated PVC compound. The latter two falls to the category of LSHF cables and vastly marketed for high-end construction projects.

As the No. 1 Cable Company in Sri Lanka ACL Cables has always placed itself at the forefront of the local cable industry, which has earned them a strong following in the market.

Up on receiving this certification it proves the reliability of the range of fire rated cables ACL produces. This accreditation makes ACL the only company in Sri Lanka that produces fire rated cables as per appropriate local standards and regulations that has the genuine properties of fire prevention. ACL has also gained international certification from PSB Singapore for the same range prior to receiving this.

Fire related accidents in buildings can occur as a result of electrical short circuits. Thus, the main objective of fire rated cables is to prevent the spread of fire whilst extinguishing within a very short period of time. Designed with fire retardant qualities by the use of special material and compounds, ACL fire rated cables is the perfect, trusted solution to safeguard all buildings.

In order to receive the SLS 1504-3-31 standard ACL Cables was required to complete the following additional three quality tests stated in the standard: Test under fire conditions for vertical flame spread of vertically mounted bunched wires in accordance with BS EN 60332-3-24 (Category C), Measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions in accordance with BS EN 61034-2 and Assessment of halogens (acid gas) for all non-metallic materials in accordance with BS EN 50525-1(Annex B).

Commenting on this landmark award, Suren Madanayake, Managing Director said, “We have constantly placed great importance and responsibility in the quality and authenticity of our products assuring customers of the highest levels of reliability and safety specifications. I am very proud that ACL Cables has achieved this prestigious local status. We have once again demonstrated to the market our quality and dominance. I appreciate the effort of my technical and quality assurance teams for their untiring efforts to ensure this Product certification process was a success.”

Madanayake added, “Since our inception in 1962, ACL Cables has always been the trendsetter in introducing new products and receiving proper certification. This is one such milestone. Currently we are processing a considerable number of orders for LSHF cables and this is the main reason to push ourselves towards gaining this certification. The certification enables customers to have more confidence when they purchase LSHF cables from us. I am convinced that as the recipient of the SLS standard, we will be able to grow our market share further with this product and strengthen our top and bottom lines.”

Based on the process, ACL had to initially study and follow the respective British Standard that complies with the above criteria. Following which presentations were made to the SLSI, who then awarded the equivalent Product certification as per local regulations and standards.

ACL Cables PLC own 70% of the market share recording annual revenue over Rs. 18 billion as a group.

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