Diversity and Variety of Experience is the way for forward for Tourism in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Tourism presented a strategic online webinar targeted at industry stakeholders, on the topic ‘Building Destination Image for post covid Tourism revival’. The webinar was held on 11th of December at 5.30 PM via Zoom. 

The webinar hosted through zoom commenced with a presentation by Dr. Lalith Chandralal, Senior Lecturer Department of Marketing and Management University of Sri Jayawardenapura University. Dr Lalith Chandralal presented the findings of a national study on the importance of visitor perception and emphasised the importance of capitalising on these to attract travellers in the new normal. This was followed by a panel discussion led by three leading industry experts, Mr. John Bailey, Global Tourism Communications Consultant at Global Communications Consulting, Mrs. Kimarli Fernando, Chairperson of Sri Lanka Tourism and Mr. Damian Cook, Global Tourism Marketing Consultant and Founder and CEO of E-Tourism Frontiers.  

Mr. John Bailey argued that travel destinations cant market off the back of safety and infrastructure. He further elaborated that such are not marketing mechanisms but assumptions that travellers make. So Sri Lanka must focus on what Sri Lanka has to offer – such as wellness, adventure hiking. Mrs Kirmali Ferando spoke extensively on how Sri Lanka has adapted to the move away from mass tourism and how Sri Lanka Tourism has implemented a clear strategy and research roadmap to help the Tourism Industry. Mr Damian Cook highlighted why it was important for Sri Lanka to customise the travel experience to meet individual needs, especially because millennials are going to be the first to begin travelling. This eminent panel was moderated by Mr. Dileep Mudadeniya, Vice President, Marketing and Events, Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts/ Head of Corporate Affairs, John Keels PLC.  

 Sri Lanka tourism hopes to incorporate these findings into the strategy-making mechanism in the new normal. This event was held in partnership with the Advocata Institute, who was the official Public Policy Partner for the event. 

This panel further discussed the strategic path ahead for the reviving tourism in a post covid context, and the roadmap laid out by the national tourism regulator and explored the readiness to resume operation within the new normal.

The event is now available for public viewing on both Sri Lanka Tourism and Advocata Institute’s Facebook pages. 

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