Ven Ajahn Brahmavamso visits Sri Lanka in May

With reverence and joy the Ajahn Brahm Society of Sri Lanka (ABS) announces the visit of Ven Ajahn Brahmavamso in May this year. All Buddhists in the country know him well as he has visited many times previously and held hugely attended meditation sessions at the BMICH. His last event in 2017 had 7000 persons attending.

These sessions are deep in significance and of immense benefit to us. However, their gravity is easily tempered by Ven Ajahn Brahmavamso’s informality and constantly smiling, benign face. One indication of his informality is his shortening his religious name to Ajahn Brahm.

Ven Ajahn Brahm will be engaged in three principal events during his stay here. A nine day meditation retreat will be conducted in Bandarawela from May 20 to 30 for bhikkhus, bhikkhun is and lay persons, totaling 150 participants. A singularly unique forum will be held exclusively for professionals and business persons at the Galle Face Hotel on May 29.

The much looked forward to Dhamma talk and meditation instructions for the public will be at the BMICH from 7.00 to 11.00 am on May 30. Anticipatory of the large crowds that will flock to the BMICH on that day, the ABS has organised sessions with the venerable monk moving from the Main Hall to Halls A and B so all can see and hear him. He will speak in English, followed by summarizations in Sinhala.

The important question that follows this announcement is “Howto gain entrance?” The AB Society gives clear answers. With reference to the meditation retreat in Bandarawela,  bhikkhus and bhikkhunis wishing to participate can obtain registration forms by emailing For WhatsApp messages the number is 0720735837. The completed applications are to be submitted before 10th April 2023.

The sessions for the professional and business communities is by invitation, sent out well in time by ABS.

To participate in the session to be held at the BMICH on May 30, persons are invited by AB Society to collect their FREE passes from one of the venues named below:

  • Sri Sambuddhathava Jayanthi Mandiraya, Thummulla, Colombo 5
  • Buddhist Cultural Centre, 25 Anderson Rd, Nedimala, Dehiwala
  • SamayawardhanaBookshop, Buddhist Congress 380, Bauddhaloka Mw. Colombo 7
  • Sarasavi Bookshop, One Galle Face.

 Passes will be available from March 15.

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