SLCPI urges caution on Covid vaccine procurement

The Sri Lanka Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry (SLCPI) whilst thanking the Government for its efforts in obtaining vaccines to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, says they will continue to collaborate closely with the Government and Health Authorities to ensure that the imports are strictly from legitimate distributors, registered with their Principals who are the global manufacturers. 

The apex body of the pharmaceutical importers, whose membership represents all the large players in global vaccine manufacture, reiterated that procurement of any vaccine for Covid-19 should mandatorily be from registered, market authorized distributors, approved by the global manufacturers. While the purchasing of vaccines remains on a government to government level, SLCPI stated, they will continue to facilitate and support the drive but insists that authenticity of the source is paramount in guaranteeing patient safety.

Typically at times of pandemic, a surge of illegal and counterfeit products enter various markets, driven by desperation and available through shady means. “We cannot stress enough the obligation by those attempting to import vaccines at this time, to precisely ensure that such products are not obtained from illegitimate traders and errant suppliers, who cannot guarantee cold-chain and other pharma compliance regulations, posing huge risks to the population at large.

SLCPI went on to emphasize that all the major vaccine manufacturers are represented by their membership and work closely with the parent company, continuously.

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