Daraz Celebrates women in achieving an equal future in a pandemic world

Daraz, Sri Lanka’s largest online market place, has decided to hero the women of Sri Lanka, a little bit extra this Women’s Day. This International Women’s day, the world is embarking on a #ChoosetoChallenge campaign, aimed at inspiring a world that is more aware of the plight of women and therefore more inclined to change.

The International Women’s Day Missions for 2021 include celebrating women in tech and innovation, applauding equality for women in sport, educating women on health choice decisions, building inclusive workplaces so women can thrive, increasing visibility of women creatives and forging women’s empowerment worldwide.

As an online platform, Daraz.lk has contributed greatly to celebrating women in tech and innovation. To further emphasize the contributions made by women, Daraz is creating a separate platform onthe site on Women’s Day to uplift all women sellers. With over 800 women entrepreneurs selling more than 20,000 products ranging from electronics to groceries, clothes, fashion, accessories, cosmetics and toys, bags and a range of handmade products, Daraz is aiming at empowering the women of Sri Lanka. Over two million rupees’ worth of investment will be borne by Daraz and its women entrepreneurs on afree shipping promotion this Women’s Day.

By giving them a platform through which to showcase their innovation and creativity, Daraz is ensuring the increased visibility of Sri Lankan women’s creatives. By streamlining a platform to allow women to take the reins in their own lives, Daraz has shown their commitment to the welfare and development of opportunities for women, on a large scale. Speaking to Sheromi Priyadharshani founder of Dharshi Vision, who after retirement from the Army, was able to start focusing on her passion in making stuffed toys and handlooms, she said, “I am from a small town where there isn’t enough visibility for my products but thanks to Daraz, I am able to sell my products island-wide. I am thankful to Daraz for this opportunity.”

With specific focus on the mission of forging women’s empowerment, Daraz has already paved the way for numerous women, young and old who have utilized the online platform to sell their own products, passed down through generations or enable creative outlets for those no longer employed full-time. It is not an isolated incident designed specifically for Women’s Day. Daraz has facilitated the chance for numerous women across the country to make a name for themselves. By encouraging independence and self-sufficiency not only via their online marketplace but also through numerous educational and training schemes, Daraz aims at being a pillar of support to the women of Sri Lanka. 

Nishadi Edirisinghe, the founder of Dreamy Collections adds, “I found out about Daraz when I was shopping online. Inspired by what I saw, I thought that I too could start my own business straight from the comfort of my own home. The online marketplace is increasingly more popular so after attending a workshop, I was able to set up my own business through Daraz. Any woman can easily set up their own business and sell via Daraz.”

Numerous other women sellers have been able to kick-start their careers from the comforts of their homes thanks to Daraz, who has encouraged them to take their futures into their own hands.

Conversing with Muditha Premarathne – Chief Commercial Officer of Daraz “We believe that women play an important role in the future of our country. Women sellers are important contributors to our platform and we would not be able to carry out our services successfully without them. By ensuring that our women sellers feel empowered and motivated to pursue their passions and dreams, we believe that we are contributing to the future of our country. These women deserve a spotlight on their efforts and by empowering them, we hope to encourage the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.”

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Huddle to celebrate this International Women’s Day with Daraz : https://click.daraz.lk/e/_6wcFh

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